Note:  For the fees in effect as of July 1, 2015, see this section.

Please see the table below for the currently adopted rules of the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District.

Rule and Regulations PDF
Cover Pages cover.pdf
Table of Contents  contents.pdf
Regulation I: General Provisions
Rule 101 Compliance by Existing Installations: Conflicts (Revised 06/1981) Rule101.pdf
Rule 102 Definitions (Revised 06/21/2012) Rule102.pdf
Rule 103 Severability  (Adopted 10/23/1978) Rule103.pdf
Rule 104 Agricultural Burning  (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule104.pdf
Rule 105 Applicability (Adopted 07/30/1991) Rule105.pdf
Rule 106 Notice to Comply (Repealed 01/01/2001) Rule106.pdf
Rule 107 Emergencies (Adopted 04/19/2001) Rule107.pdf
 Regulation II: Permits
Rule 201 Permits Required (Revised 06/19/2008) Rule201.pdf
Rule 202 Exemptions to Rule 201 (Revised 06/21/2012) Rule202.pdf
Rule 203 Transfer (Revised 04/17/1997) Rule203.pdf
Rule 204 Applications (Revised 04/17/1997) Rule204.pdf
Rule 205 Standards for Granting Permits (Revised 04/17/1997) Rule205.pdf
Rule 206 Conditional Approval of Authority to Construct or Permit to Operate (Revised 10/15/1991) Rule206.pdf
Rule 207 Denial of Applications (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule207.pdf
Rule 208 Action on Applications – Time Limits (Revised 04/17/1997) Rule208.pdf
Rule 209 Appeals (Revised 01/18/2001) Rule209.pdf
FEES Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Rule 210
Fees, effective July 1, 2015
Rule 210 Fees (for current fee schedule, see above) (Revised 03/17/2005) Rule210.pdf
Rule 211 Technical Reports – Charges For (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule211.pdf
Rule 212 Emission Statements (Adopted 10/20/1992) Rule212.pdf
FEES Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Rule 213
Fees, effective July 1, 2015
Rule 213 Fees for Registration Programs  (for current fee schedule, see above) (Adopted 10/18/2007) Rule 213.pdf
Regulation III: Prohibitions
Rule 301 Circumvention (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule301.pdf
Rule 302 Visible Emissions (Revised 06/1981) Rule302.pdf
Rule 303 Nuisance (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule303.pdf
Rule 304 Particulate Matter – Northern Zone (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule304.pdf
Rule 305 Particulate Matter – Southern Zone (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule305.pdf
Rule 306 Dust and Fumes – Northern Zone (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule306.pdf
Rule 307 Particulate Matter Emission Weight Rate – Southern Zone (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule307.pdf
Rule 308 Incinerator Burning (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule308.pdf
Rule 309 Specific Contaminants (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule309.pdf
Rule 310 Odorous Organic Sulfides (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule310.pdf
Rule 311 Sulfur Content of Fuels (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule311.pdf
Rule 312 Open Fires (Revised 10/02/1990) Rule312.pdf
Rule 313 Fires Set Under Public Authority (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule313.pdf
Rule 314 Reduction of Animal Matter (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule314.pdf
Rule 315 Gasoline Specifications (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule315.pdf
Rule 316 Storage and Transfer of Gasoline (Revised 01/15/2009) Rule316.pdf
Rule 317 Organic Solvents (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule317.pdf
Rule 318 Vacuum Producing Devices or Systems – Southern Zone (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule318.pdf
Rule 319 Asphalt Air Blowing – Southern Zone (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule319.pdf
Rule 320 Petroleum Solvent Dry Cleaners (Revised 06/11/1979) Rule320.pdf
Rule 321 Solvent Cleaning Operations (Revised 06/21/2012) Rule321.pdf
Rule 322 Metal Surface Coating Thinner and Reducer (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule322.pdf
Rule 323 Architectural Coatings (Revised 11/15/2001) Note: Rule 323 shall remain in effect in its entirety until January 1, 2015. A coating manufactured prior to January 1, 2015 may be sold, supplied, or offered for sale for up to three years after January 1, 2015, provided that the coating complied, at the time of manufacture, with all applicable provisions in Rule 323 as revised November 15, 2001. Such coating may also be applied at any time, both before and after January 1, 2015. This provision does not apply to any coating that does not display the date or date code required by Section E.1.a of Rule 323.1. Rule323.pdf
Rule 323.1 Architectural Coatings (Adopted 06/19/2014) Rule 323.1.pdf
Rule 324 Disposal and Evaporation of Solvents (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule324.pdf
Rule 325 Crude Oil Production and Separation (Revised 07/19/2001) Rule325.pdf
Rule 326 Storage of Reactive Organic Compound Liquids (Revised 01/18/2001) Rule326.pdf
Rule 327 Organic Liquid Cargo Tank Vessel Loading (Revised 12/16/1985) Rule327.pdf
Rule 328 Continuous Emission Monitoring (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule328.pdf
Rule 329 Cutback and Emulsified Asphalt Paving Materials (Revised 02/25/1992) Rule329.pdf
Rule 330 Surface Coating of Metal Parts and Products (Revised 06/21/2012) Rule330.pdf
Rule 331 Fugitive Emissions Inspection and Maintenance (Revised 12/10/1991) Rule331.pdf
Rule 332 Petroleum Refinery Vacuum Producing Systems, Wastewater Separators and Process Turnarounds (Adopted 06/11/1979) Rule332.pdf
Rule 333 Control of Emissions from Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (Revised 06/19/2008) Rule333.pdf
 Rule 334 Control of Hexavalent Chromium Emissions from Chrome Plating and Chromic Acid Anodizing (Repealed 09/20/2010) Rule334.pdf
Rule 335 Control of Hexavalent Chromium in Cooling Towers (Adopted 01/09/1990) Rule335.pdf
Rule 336 Control of Ethylene Oxide Emissions (Adopted 12/12/1989) Rule336.pdf
Rule 337 Surface Coating of Aerospace Vehicles and Components (Revised 06/21/2012) Rule337.pdf
Rule 338 Control of Asbestos Containing Serpentine Rock in Surfacing Operations (Repealed 03/20/2003) Rule338.pdf
Rule 339 Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Coating Operations (Revised 06/19/2008) Rule339.pdf
Rule 340 Control of Dioxins from Medical Waste Incinerators (Adopted 09/10/1991) Rule340.pdf
Rule 341 Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (Adopted 09/18/1997) Rule341.pdf
Rule 342 Control of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) from Boilers, Steam Generators and Process Heaters (Revised 04/17/1997) Rule342.pdf
Rule 343 Petroleum Storage Tank Degassing (Adopted 12/14/1993) Rule343.pdf
Rule 344 Petroleum Sumps, Pits and Well Cellars (Adopted 11/10/1994) Rule344.pdf
Rule 345 Control of Fugitive Dust from Construction and Demolition Activities (Adopted 01/21/2010) Rule345.pdf
Rule 346 Loading of Organic Liquid Cargo Vessels (Revised 01/18/2001) Rule346.pdf
Rule 347 Reserved -
Rule 348 Reserved -
Rule 349 Polyester Resin Operations (Adopted 06/21/2012) Rule349.pdf
Rule 350 Reserved -
Rule 351 Surface Coating of Wood Products (Revised 08/20/1998) Rule351.pdf
Rule 352 Natural Gas-Fired Fan-Type Central Furnaces and Small Water Heaters (Revised 10/20/2011) Rule352.pdf
Rule 353 Adhesives and Sealants (Adopted 06/21/2012) Rule353.pdf
Rule 354 Graphic Arts (Adopted 06/28/1994) Rule354.pdf
Rule 359 Flares and Thermal Oxidizers (Adopted 06/28/1994) Rule359.pdf
Rule 360 Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Large Water Heaters and Small Boilers (Adopted 10/17/2002) Rule360.pdf
Rule 361 Small Boilers, Steam Generators, and Process Heaters (Adopted 01/17/2008) Rule361.pdf
Rule 370 Potential to Emit — Limitations for Part 70 Sources (Revised 01/20/2011) Rule370.pdf
 Regulation IV: Agricultural Burning
Rule 401 Agricultural and Prescribed Burning (Revised 05/16/2002) Rule401.pdf
Rule 402 Enforcement (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule402.pdf
Rule 403 Burning Permit for Non-Burning Days: Report Requirements (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule403.pdf
Regulation V: Hearing Board
Rule 501 General (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule501.pdf
Rule 502 Filing Petitions (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule502.pdf
Rule 503 Contents of Petitions (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule503.pdf
Rule 504 Petitions for Variances: Contents (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule504.pdf
Rule 505 Breakdown Conditions (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule505.pdf
Rule 506 Emergency Variances for Breakdowns (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule506.pdf
Rule 507 Appeal from Denial (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule507.pdf
Rule 508 Failure to Comply with Rules (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule508.pdf
Rule 509 Petition Response – (APCD Requirements) (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule509.pdf
Rule 510 Withdrawal of Petition (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule510.pdf
Rule 511 Place of Hearing (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule511.pdf
Rule 512 Notice of Hearing (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule512.pdf
Rule 513 Evidence (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule513.pdf
Rule 514 Preliminary Matters (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule514.pdf
Rule 515 Official Notice (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule515.pdf
Rule 516 Continuances (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule516.pdf
Rule 517 Decision (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule517.pdf
Rule 518 Effective Date of Decision (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule518.pdf
Rule 519 Lack of Permit (Readopted 10/23/1978) Rule519.pdf
Regulation VI: Emergencies
Rule 601 General (Revised 06/15/1981) Rule601.pdf
Rule 602 Episodes/Disasters (Revised 06/15/1981) Rule602.pdf
Rule 603 Emergency Episode Plans (Revised 06/15/1981) Rule603.pdf
Rule 604 Source Inspection (Revised 06/15/1981) Rule604.pdf
Rule 605 Enforcement (Revised 06/15/1981) Rule605.pdf
Rule 606 Communication Network (Revised 06/15/1981) Rule606.pdf
Rule 607 Air Monitoring Stations (Revised 06/15/1981) Rule607.pdf
Rule 608 Air Monitoring Summaries (Revised 06/15/1981) Rule608.pdf
Rule 609 Interdistrict Coordination (Revised 06/15/1981) Rule609.pdf
Regulation VII: Conformity
Rule 701 Transportation Conformity (Revised 10/15/1998) Rule701.pdf
Rule 702 General Conformity (Adopted 10/20/1994) Rule702.pdf
 Regulation VIII: New Source Review
Rule 801 New Source Review (Adopted 04/17/1997) Rule801.pdf
Rule 802 Nonattainment Review (Adopted 04/17/1997) Rule802.pdf
Rule 803 Prevention of Significant Deterioration (Adopted 04/17/1997) Rule803.pdf
Rule 804 Emission Offsets (Adopted 04/17/1997) Rule804.pdf
Rule 805 Air Quality Impact Analysis and Modeling (Adopted 04/17/1997) Rule805.pdf
Rule 806 Emission Reduction Credits (Adopted 04/17/1997) Rule806.pdf
Rule 807 Reserved -
Rule 808 New Source Review for Major Sources of Hazardous Air Pollutants (Adopted 05/20/1999) Rule808.pdf
Rule 809 Reserved -
Rule 810 Federal Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) (Revised 06/20/2013) Rule810.pdf
Regulation IX: New Source Performance Standards
Rule 901 New Source Performance Standards (Revised 09/20/2010) Rule901.pdf
Rule 902 Reserved
Rule 903 Outer Continental Shelf Regulations (Adopted 11/10/1992) Rule903.pdf
Regulation X: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
Rule 1001 National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (Revised 10/26/1993) Rule1001.pdf
Regulation XI: Public Notification
Rule 1101 General (Revised 01/21/2010) Rule1101.pdf
Rule 1102 Daily Reporting of Air Quality (Revised 01/21/2010) Rule1102.pdf
Rule 1103 Annual Reporting (Revised 01/21/2010) Rule1103.pdf
Rule 1104 Health Effects (Revised 01/21/2010) Rule1104.pdf
Rule 1105 Public Awareness and Involvement (Revised 01/21/2010) Rule1105.pdf
Regulation XII: Registration Programs
Rule 1201 Registration of Agricultural Diesel Engines (Adopted 08/16/2007) Rule1201.pdf
Regulation XIII: Part 70 Operating Permit Program
Rule 1301 General Information (Revised 01/20/2011) Rule1301.pdf
Rule 1302 Permit Application (Adopted 11/09/1993) Rule1302.pdf
Rule 1303 Permits (Revised 01/18/2001) Rule1303.pdf
Rule 1304 Issuance, Renewal, Modification and Reopening (Revised 01/18/2001) Rule1304.pdf
Rule 1305 Enforcement (Adopted 11/09/1993) Rule1305.pdf
The following is not a District-adopted rule.  The memorandum provides information on State Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ATCMs) and how the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District implements them.
ATCM-MACT Memorandum (Dated 01/15/2009) atcm-mact.pdf

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