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Document Name Adobe PDF
General APCD Information Requirements List gen-info.pdf
ARB Guidelines for the Permitting of Electrical Generation Technologies (July 2002) arb_eg.pdf
Continuous Emission Monitoring Protocol



Modeling Guidelines for Air Quality Impact Analysis (1996)


The Source Test Procedures Manual srctest.pdf
Environmental Review Guidelines for the Santa Barbara County APCD. For more info see Land Use and CEQA Environmental Review.


Rule 331 BACT Guideline Document (Rev. 2) 331bact.pdf
Rule 333 I&M Plan Preparation Guidelines Document (Rev. 3, September 2, 2008) 333Guidelines.pdf
Rule 333 Compliance Plan Guidelines Document (August 29, 2008) Rule333ComplianceGuidelines
SBCAPCD Flare Study – Phase I flarestudyphase1.pdf
De-Rating of Natural Gas Engines Used in Oil Fields derating-protocol.pdf
Distributed Generation Permitting dist-gen-chart.pdf

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