This page contains both the APCD’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Permitting and New Source Review as well as Section 8 (Clarification of Rule Issues) of the APCD’s April 1997 NSR Staff Report. The FAQs are derived from the APCD’s most current version of the FAQ list. For ease of use, the contents of both documents have been combined with an asterisk noting which questions are from the NSR Staff Report. A copy of the “April 1997 NSR Staff Report” may also be downloaded from here.

FAQ by Rule
Rule 102 – Definitions – Definitions Rule 201 – Permits Required – Permits Required
Rule 202 – Exemptions to Rule 201 – Exemptions to Rule 201 Rule 203 – Transfer – Transfer
Rule 204 – Applications – Applications Rule 208 – Action on Applications- Time Limits – Action on Applications- Time Limits
Rule 801 – New Source Review – New Source Review Rule 802 – Nonattainment Review – Nonattainment Review
Rule 803 – Prevention of Significant Deterioration – Prevention of Significant Deterioration Rule 804 – Emission Offsets – Emission Offsets
Rule 806 – Emission Reduction Credits – Emission Reduction Credits  

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