Air Quality Warning for Santa Barbara County Cancelled




July 20, 2017

Douglas Metz, Deputy Director of Primary Care & Family Health, Public Health Department, (805) 681-5252
Lyz Hoffman, Air Pollution Control District Public Information Officer, (805) 364-2247

Air Quality Warning for Santa Barbara County Cancelled 

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Today, the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department and Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District cancelled the Air Quality Warning that was in effect for the county for the Alamo and Whittier wildfires.

The Alamo Fire is 100 percent contained and the Whittier Fire is 76 percent contained. Some areas of the county could experience slightly hazy conditions. Winds can stir up ash over time, and residents are urged to avoid using leaf blowers or doing any activities that will stir up particles into the air. Instead, sweep ash gently with a broom, and take cars to a car wash. Everyone should avoid skin contact with ash, and no one with heart or lung conditions should handle ash cleanup.

During wildfire season, smoke from other fires burning throughout California has the potential to affect our region. To check air quality levels in our county, see Today’s Air Quality.