APCD Board Actions – May 20, 2021
  • Closed Session
    • Conference with Real Property Negotiators (Gov. Code § 54956.8)
      • Property: Assessor’s Parcel Number 111-270-050.
      • Address:  1011 West McCoy Lane, Santa Maria, CA 93455.
      • Agency Negotiator: Air Pollution Control Officer Aeron Arlin Genet and Susan Freebourn, Real Property Agent II, County of Santa Barbara.
      • Negotiating Party: Gina Gluyas, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Haven Properties.
      • Under negotiation: price and terms.
  • Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation (Paragraph (1) of subdivision (d) of  Gov. Code § 54956.9)
    • Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District v. California Asphalt Production, Santa Barbara County Superior Court case number 20CV03790.
  • Approval of Minutes – Approve minutes of the March 18, 2021 meeting.
  • Administrative Items – Approved by vote on one motion.  These items read only on request of Board members.
  • Notice of Violation Report – Receive and file the summary of notices of violation issued and penalty revenue received during the months of March and April 2021.
  • District Grant and Incentives Program Activity – Receive and file the following grant program related activity:
    • An update on the Old Car Buy Back Program for vehicles retired during the period of March 1, 2021 through April 30, 2021;
    • A final update on the Woodsmoke Reduction Program for fireplace and stove replacement projects for the Pilot, Year 1, and Year 2 programs;
    • An update on the Landscape Equipment Electrification Fund (LEEF) Program Year 2 for zero-emission landscape equipment vouchers during the period of November 16, 2020 through April 30, 2021; and
    • Summary of the emission-reduction grant agreements approved by the Air Pollution Control Officer for the period of March 1, 2021 through April 30, 2021 in accordance with Board Resolution Number 09-14.
  • Update on Public Outreach Activities – Receive and file an update on District outreach activities.
  • Financial Status Update for 3rd Quarter of the Fiscal Year 2020-21, Ending March 31, 2021 – Receive and file the Budget to Actual Report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2020-2021, period ending March 31, 2021.
  • South Central Coast California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) – Consider recommendations as follows:
    • Approve the allocation of $100,000 from the District’s Clean Air Fund in Fiscal Year 2020-21 to the South Central Coast California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project; and
    • Approve and authorize the Chair to execute the Incentive Program Implementation Services Agreement with Center for Sustainable Energy, which identifies $3,450,000 in California Energy Commission funding for the Santa Barbara County region as part of the South Central Coast Incentive Project and includes the District providing matching funds of $100,000 per year for three years, contingent on annual Board approval.
  • Minutes of the July 22, 2020 District Community Advisory Council Meeting – Receive and file minutes from the July 22, 2020 meeting of the District Community Advisory Council.
  • Minutes of the December 2020 South Central Coast Basinwide Control Council Meeting – Receive and file minutes from the December 3, 2020 meeting of the South Central Coast Basinwide Control Council.
  • Delegate Authority to the Air Pollution Control Officer to Enter into a Real Estate Purchase Agreement(*Updated 5/18/2021) – Consider recommendations as follows:
    • Delegate authority to the Air Pollution Control Officer to enter into a real estate purchase agreement and open escrow (with the concurrence of Risk Management, Auditor Control, and District Counsel) for the purchase of an office building in northern Santa Barbara County. If negotiations are successful and an agreement is entered into, the Board directs the Air Pollution Control Officer to return to the Board at the Board meeting immediately following entering the agreement for the Board to ratify the action; and
    • Determine that this delegation of authority is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Sections 15301 finding that the project consists of the repair, maintenance, permitting, leasing, licensing, or minor alteration of existing private structures involving negligible or no expansion of existing or former use.
  • Received Director’s Report
  • Received Public Comment
  • Clean Air Ambassadors Program  – Receive and file an update on the District’s Clean Air Ambassador Program.| Presentation |
  • Fiscal Year 2021-22 Proposed Budget – Consider the Fiscal Year 2021-22 Proposed Budget as follows:
    • Receive the Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2021-22;
    • Hold a public hearing to accept comments and provide direction to staff regarding changes desired by the Board; and
    • Schedule a budget adoption hearing for June 17, 2021. | Presentation |
  • Update on Vessel Speed Reduction Incentive Program  – Receive and file an update on the 2020 Vessel Speed Reduction incentive program and future activities related to large ocean-going vessels. | Presentation |
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New Phone Numbers
The District has new direct lines for all staff, as well as for all of our phone lines, including our main phone number and Complaints line. You can find our new phone numbers on this webpage.

Nuevos números de teléfono
El Distrito tiene nuevos números de teléfono para comunicarse con el personal directamente, así como también para todas nuestras líneas telefónicas, incluyendo nuestro número principal y el de las Quejas. Puede encontrar nuestros nuevos números de teléfono en esta página web.