APCD Hearing Board Agenda – December 3, 2008

December 3, 2008

Administration of Oath to Participants
Approval of minutes of the October 1, 2008 meeting  
Requests for continuance or addition of Ex-Agenda items
Announcements/Staff Reports
Public Comment Period

Public Hearings

1)             Case No. 36-08-R – MM Tajiguas Energy, LLC 14470 Calle Real, Gaviota, CA 93117
Hearing – To consider an application by MM Tajiguas for a Regular Variance from Permit Conditions 9.C.2(b)(iv), 9.C.3(b)(vi), and 9.C.3(b)(vii) of Permit to Operate 9788-R2.  MM Tajiguas operates a combustion system for collected landfill gas at the Tajiguas Landfill.  An increase in the heat content of the landfill gas has resulted in exceedences of heat input limits for an internal combustion (IC) engine and flare, and exceedences of the minimum residence time limit for the flare.  Petitioner wishes to obtain a variance to continue to combust the landfill gas in the IC engine and flare while permit modifications are made.  No excess emissions are anticipated during the variance period.

Administrative Agenda – Receive and File:    

The following Emergency Variance Order has been approved by the Air Pollution Control District Hearing Board.  This order is available for inspection and reproduction at the Office of the Air Pollution Control District:

A-1)      Case No. 33-08-E – Plains Exploration and Production Company, 201 South Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93455
On September 18, 2008 Hearing Board Chair David Schmarje approved an Emergency Variance providing variance protection to the Petitioner from the requirements of District Rule 325.D, Conditions 9.C.2 and 9.C.3 of Part 70/Permit to Operate 7126 due to small holes in the top of the crude oil stock tank and produced water tank while tank tops are replaced at Lompoc Oil Field, La Purisima Lease for the period of September 22, 2008 through October 21, 2008.

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