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The following agendas of past SCC/BCC meetings are provided as a historical record of what was discussed at the meetings.  Minutes will be posted after approval.  Agendas and Minutes are in Adobe PDF format. For downloading instructions, see How to View and Download Documents.

Past SCC/BCC Agendas

August 2020 Minutes
March 2020 Notice of Cancellation
December 2019 Minutes
July 2019 Minutes
April 2019 Minutes
August 2018 Minutes
May 2018 Minutes
February 2018 Minutes
September 2017 Minutes
March 2017 Minutes
November 2016 Minutes
July 2016 Minutes
March 2016 Minutes
October 2015 Minutes
July 2015 Minutes
March 2015 Minutes
December 2014 Minutes
September 2014 Minutes
May 2014 Minutes
October 2013 Minutes
August 2013 Minutes
May 2013 Minutes
September 2012 Minutes
June 2012 Minutes
February 2012 Minutes
October 2011 Minutes
June 2011 Minutes
March 2011 Minutes