Community Advisory Council Offsets Project

Offsets Project Documents

The documents listed below are related to the Offsets Project under review by the CAC.  Additional background documents are also provided to assist the Committee Members in their review.

Documents – PowerPoint Presentations to the CAC

December 2013 Presentation (PDF)

October 2013 Presentation (PDF)


Documents / Links – General

Companies that Require Offsets and Companies that are within 25% of the Offset Thresholds:  cactables022414.pdf

Questions and Answers from October 2013 Meeting:  100913 CAC Meeting Summary of Q&A.pdf

ERC Data from Other Districts:  ERC Data for Agencies.pdf

ERC Costs Data for SBCAPCD:  /eng/nsr/erccosts.pdf

District ERC Webpage:  /eng/nsr/ercs.htm

SB-288 Webpage:

Offsets Workgroup Webpage:  /eng/nsr/Offsets/owg.htm

Offsets Workgroup – Summary of District Review:  finalapcdreview.pdf


Clean Technology Fund Control Analysis

Report:  Transmittal Letter

Report:  Clean Tech Fund Final Report.xlsx   (PDF Version)

Summary:  NOx Control Costs Graph

Summary:  ROC Control Costs Graph

Summary:  PM Control Costs Graph

Appendix 1 – AgPumpDocumentation.xlsx   (PDF Version)

Appendix 2 – AutoRetirementDocumentation4.xlsx   (PDF Version)

Appendix 3 – BoatRepowerDocumentation.xlsx   (PDF Version)

Appendix 4 – LawnGardenDocumentation.xlsx   (PDF Version)

Appendix 5 – MobileAgReplaceDocumentation.xlsx   (PDF Version)


Reference Documents – New Source Review Rules

District Rule 801:  /wp-content/uploads/Rule801.pdf

District Rule 802:  /wp-content/uploads/Rule802.pdf

District Rule 803:  /wp-content/uploads/Rule803.pdf

District Rule 804:  /wp-content/uploads/Rule804.pdf

District Rule 806:  /wp-content/uploads/Rule806.pdf

NSR Rules Staff Report:: 1997 NSR Staff Report.pdf

EIR for NSR Rules:  1997 NSR Rules Final EIR.pdf


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