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Clerk of the APCD
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The APCD Community Advisory Council meets on an as-needed basis when it has issues before it that have been submitted by the APCO and/or the Board.  For consistency, the regular meeting day is 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of a month in Buellton.  The next meeting date is listed below; the agenda will be posted at least 72 hours prior to each meeting.  Agenda packages can also be viewed at the APCD office during regular business hours.  Members of the public may address the CAC on any matter not listed on the agenda during the public comment period.  The CAC will consider any and all public comments related to the mission of the APCD and/or the Charter of the CAC.  CAC meetings are audio recorded; recordings will be made available upon request pursuant to the California Public Records Act.  Additional information can be found at the Community Advisory Council webpage.

Any disclosable public records related to an open session item on a regular meeting agenda and distributed by the Board Clerk to all or a majority of the members of the CAC less than 72 hours prior to that meeting are available for inspection in the APCD office or website.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations to participate in the meeting should contact the APCD at 961-8800 at least three working days prior to the scheduled meeting.


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