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Business Oriented Air Quality News January/February 1997

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Engineering and Permit Services Now on the Web
Business Assistance Year in Review
Revisions to Regulations II and VIII
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Engineering and Permit Services Now on the Web

The APCD’s Internet Web site was recently expanded to include a section featuring the Engineering Division. The Engineering Division is responsible for Permit Services, Air Toxics, Title V, Source Testing, and Modeling. The Engineering and Permit Services page may be reached at

Currently, the following information is available:

The APCD Permit Process This page provides basic information on the permit process including why permits are issued, who needs a permit, the basic permit process steps, how to apply for a permit and permit fees. A table of our permit fees is also provided.

Download Documents This page allows the public and regulated community to download permit application forms and protocol documents such as the APCD Source Test Manual and CEQA Guidelines. Application forms may be viewed and printed on-line using the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader (available on this page free from Adobe) or they may be downloaded as compressed Zip files containing a Microsoft Word for Windows file, a WordPerfect for DOS file, or both. File formats are indicated in the table and instructions for downloading are provided.

Permit Streamlining Over the past several years, the APCD has implemented a number of permit streamlining measures. This page provides a description of measures enacted to date, measures soon to be enacted, and measures under consideration.

New Source Review The APCD’s Permitting and New Source Review (NSR) rules are in the process of being revised (see related article) with an expected adoption date of Spring 1997. Significant changes to both the Permitting and NSR rules are expected. This page provides the most recent version of the draft rules and the supporting staff report in a compressed Microsoft Word file. When the rules are promulgated, this page will be used to provide access to the revised Permit Processing Manual; Engineering Policy & Procedures; listing of best available control technology (BACT) determinations in Santa Barbara County; listing of emission reduction credit (ERC) Certificates in the Source Register; and the Small Source Certified Equipment list.

Air Toxics This page describes the Air Toxics Hot Spots Program, including information on what the program is, who must comply, and its requirements. A number of documents are available for downloading.

Title V Operating Permits This page provides basic information on the Federal Operating Permits Program (40 CFR Part 70) as implemented by the APCD. California Air Resources Board Fact Sheets and a table of businesses subject to the program are also provided.

Frequently Asked Questions A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) is a convenient way to provide answers to typical questions. The FAQ page currently has two sections: the Business Assistance Line FAQ, answering a sample of questions received on the APCD’s Business Assistance Line (961-8868), and questions on the new definition of reactive organic compounds (ROCs). Additional FAQs will be added over time.

Contact Us This page provides a list of the Engineering Division staff names, titles, and phone numbers.

Questions, comments, and ideas for the Engineering Web Page can be sent to Mike Goldman, (805) 961-8821, or [email protected].

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Business Assistance Year in Review

1996 was a busy year for the APCD’s Business Assistance Program. Use of the Business Assistance Line steadily increased for all types of calls. We also received a large number of requests for information via e-mail from our Internet Web site.

We received well over 200 calls on the Business Assistance Line this past year, averaging about 20 calls per month. The types of calls vary greatly from requests for general information on air quality in our county to specific questions regarding the permitting process. It is interesting to note that we received numerous calls from people considering relocating to Santa Barbara County and wanting to know how our air quality compares to other regions in the state. Overall, the Business Assistance Line continues to be an effective point of contact for businesses and the general public.

The pollution prevention component of the Business Assistance Program continues to promote the concept of eliminating pollution at the source through a variety of activities.

For more information on the Business Assistance Program, call our Business Assistance Line at (805) 961-8868. We’re here to help!

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Revisions to Regulations II and VIII

The APCD is proposing to modify the rules governing the APCD permit process. These rules are contained in Regulations II – Permits and VIII – New Source Review.

The proposed revisions encompass substantial changes to 13 different rules. Many of the changes are administrative in nature. Currently, Regulation II includes both general permitting and new source review requirements. To improve clarity and readability, Regulation II will be divided so that Regulation II covers just the basic permitting requirements and Regulation VIII contains all new source review requirements.

Following is a summary of some important proposed changes to these regulations:

bullt.gif 0.9 K Combined authority to construct/permit to operate for small sources (Rule 201).

bullt.gif 0.9 K New equipment exemptions (Rule 202).

bullt.gif 0.9 K Permit streamlining and reduced processing times (Rule 208).

bullt.gif 0.9 K Changes in the emission growth allowed before best available control technology and emission offsets for nonattainment pollutants are required (Rule 802).

bullt.gif 0.9 K Changes in the emission growth allowed before best available control technology and emission offsets for attainment pollutants are required (Rule 803).

bullt.gif 0.9 K New emission offset threshold and ratios (Rule 802).

bullt.gif 0.9 K An emission reduction credit system (i.e., “banking,” Rule 806).

The proposed changes will be brought before the APCD Board in January as an educational item. The final proposed changes will be brought back to the Board for a vote in the spring.

For more information, contact Bette Easton, (805 961-8898 or Tad Bixler, (805 961-8896.

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The California Integrated Waste Management Board has a new Internet home page. The site includes information on pollution prevention, recycling, composting, and much, much more. Check it out at

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