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Green Award winners were honored September 25 as part of Pollution Prevention Week activities.

Outstanding Service Award Winner

Santa Maria Valley Discover Museum was honored with an Outstanding Service Award for exceptional long-term contributions to the environment in Santa Barbara County. The Museum?s exhibits provide information on source reduction and recycling to more than 10,000 people annually.

Says Museum Executive Director Stephanie Wald, “As I followed the process of applying for a Green Award, I realized how much we really do at the museum to promote a better understanding of environmental issues. It was exciting to see. And it has been very exciting to me to be able to integrate environmental issues into my work here.”

Green Award Winner:  Skate One Corporation

“It?s very gratifying to be rewarded for what we?ve been able to accomplish. You tend to think awards like these only go to those businesses that don?t really need to use up resources or use polluting substances in the first place. In the skateboard industry we use wood to make decks, or “boards,” and polyurethane to make wheels. We don?t have many affordable options in terms of the materials we use. There is hope on the horizon, however, especially in the area of the deck manufacturing, although we have not been able to find a viable alternative to urethane. But you have to start somewhere. We?ve worked slowly and methodically looking at everything we do, then finding ways to use less toxic materials and ways to reuse or recycle our waste. It?s an arduous process and it?s wonderful to get some recognition for going through it.”

— J. Abraham Powell, General Manager, Urethane Casting, Skate One Corporation.

Green Award Winner: Investec Real Estate Companies

“I came to Investec with a challenge: to go from talking about what could be done in the future to trying to make it work right now. And we?ve been successful. We?re now in a good position to challenge other builders to use green building techniques. We can make Santa Barbara a model for other communities. That?s what this community is all about: to take these ideas and show the rest of the world it can be done.”

–Charlie Eckberg, Vice President, Investec Real Estate Companies.

Green Award Winner: Truth Aquatics, Inc.

“It?s important not just to make the changes, but also to educate people about what you?re doing. When guests come on board our boats, we take them on tours of the engine rooms. We show them our cleaner engines, and talk to them about how we?re trying to make choices that are better for our environment.”

–Glen Fritzler, owner, Truth Aquatics, Inc.

Green Award Winner: KEYT-TV

“We can all make efforts in the environmental area. I try to ride my bike to work every Friday in the summer?and it?s a challenge. From my house to the bottom of TV hill is reasonably flat, but after that, it?s uphill all the way. One of my employees rides his bike to work every single day up that hill.”

–Byron Elton, General Manager, KEYT-TV.

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