Looking for a cleaner way to heat your home?
See our new Wood Smoke Reduction Program which offers incentive funding for residents to remove or replace their existing wood-burning fireplace or stove.

Click here to learn more about grants for clean air in infographic form!

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure Program

TractorFunding is available to help cover all or a portion of the purchase and/or installation costs of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. See Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure Program.

Wood Smoke Reduction Program

TractorHeat Clean, Save Green! Qualified applicants will receive incentive funding to remove or replace an existing wood-burning device. See Wood Smoke Reduction Program.

Cash for Cleaner Engines

TractorFunding is available for repowering or replacing heavy-duty off-road equipment, marine vessels, agricultural equipment, and more. See Moyer Funding for Clean Engines and Equipment.

Lower Emission School Buses

schoolbus-160Funding is available for retrofits and replacements of old diesel-fueled school buses. See Lower Emission School Bus Program.

Teacher Grants for Class Projects

School backpackSanta Barbara County K-12 teachers can apply for $300 “Care for Our Earth” grants to conduct environmental service projects to save energy, save water, or cut traffic and pollution at their schools. See Resources for Teachers.

Old Car Buy Back


$1,000 for your old car, pickup, van or SUV, 1994 model year or older. See Old Car Buy Back Program.

Plug-In Central Coast

Plug In Central Coast

Read more about the Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Readiness Plan for the California Central Coast. See Plug-In Central Coast.

Truck and Bus Regulation Reporting System

Funding and regulatory resources for diesel truck operators can be found on the California Air Resources Board Truck Stop page.

The California Air Resources Board Truck and Bus regulation reporting system and the Online Reporting Guide Guide has been updated to include 2015 compliance requirements and options. See the updated CARB Online User Guide.