Annual Reports are no longer accepted by FAX or at our PO Box address.

Annual Reports are Due March 1, 2014. See cover letter here.

Online Breakdown Reporting Form here.


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Form No.Form NameAdobe PDFWordZIP
P-70-1Compliance Certification Formp-70-1.pdf
P-70-2Compliance Forms Reporting Instructions p-70-2.pdf p-70-2.doc
P-70-2aForm A:  Compliance Verification Report p-70-2a.pdf p-70-2a.xls
P-70-2bForm B: Summary of Deviations p-70-2b.pdf p-70-2b.xls
ENF-19GDF Dynamic Back Pressure and Liquid Blockage Test Results Formeng-19.pdfenf-19.doc
ENF-28Asbestos:  Notification for Renovation and Demolition enf-28.pdf enf-28.doc
ENF-28eAsbestos:  EXEMPTION from Notification for Renovation and Demolitionenf-28e.pdfenf-28e.doc
ENF-48Final Reporting Form for Breakdowns See Online Form on this page.enf-48.pdf
N/A Annual Reports: Letter explaining Processarltr.pdf
ENF-51Annual Report Form: Bulk Loading Plantsenf-51.pdf enf-51.doc
ENF-52Annual Report Form: Degreasing Facilitiesenf-52.pdf enf-52.doc
ENF-53aAnnual Report Form: Dry Cleaners (Perc)enf-53a.pdfenf-53a.doc
ENF-53bAnnual Report Form: Dry Cleaners (Non-Perc)enf-53b.pdfenf-53b.doc
ENF-54Annual Report Form: Fiberglassing Facilitiesenf-54.pdf enf-54.doc
ENF-55Annual Report Form: Sand, Rock, and Gravel Operationsenf-55.pdf enf-55.doc
ENF-56Annual Report Form: Surface Coating Operationsenf-56.pdf enf-56.doc
ENF-57Annual Report Form: Solvent Facilitiesenf-57.pdf enf-57.doc —
 Annual Report Spreadsheet: Solvent Exemptions     Annual-Solvent-Calculations-(ver2.0).xls
ENF-58Annual Report Form: Motor Vehicle Fueling Facilities and other Gas Stationsenf-58.pdf enf-58.doc
ENF-60Annual Report Form: Autobody Shops enf-60.pdf enf-60.doc
ENF-60aAutobody Shop Daily Rental Operator Log Formenf-60a.pdf enf-60a.doc
ENF-62/64Dry Cleaner Form:  Weekly Leak Checklist / Service & Repair Logenf-62/64.pdf
ENF-63Dry Cleaner Form:  Pounds of Clothes per Load Log Formenf-63.pdf
ENF-65ADry Cleaner Form:  PERC Operations and Maintenance Weekly Checklistenf-65a.pdf enf-65a.doc
ENF-65BDry Cleaner Form:  Non- PERC Operations and Maintenance Weekly Checklistenf-65b.pdf enf-65b.doc
ENF-74Petition for Varianceenf-74.pdf enf74.doc
ENF-79GDF Leak Decay Test Results Formenf-79.pdf
ENF-82GDF Maximum Product Flow Rate Test Formenf-82.pdfenf-82.doc
ENF-86GDF Failure Report Formenf-86.pdfenf-86.doc
ENF-87Annual Report Form: Concrete Batching Operations Report Formenf-87.pdf enf-87.doc
ENF-88Contaminated Soil Cleanup Non-Compliance Reporting
ENF-89Contaminated Soil Cleanup Monthly Monitoring Form
ENF-90Contaminated Soil Cleanup Carbon Breakthrough Monitoring Form
ENF-91Annual Report Form: Boiler and Process Heater Operationsenf-91.pdf enf-91.doc
 ENF-92Diesel Engine ATCM: Recordkeeping FormENF-92.pdf
ENF-93Autobody Shop Booth Rental Operator Agreement Formenf-93.pdf
ENF-94DICE Temporary IC Engine Replacement Notification Formenf-94.pdf
ENF-95DICE Temporary IC Engine Replacement Report Formenf-95.pdf
ENF-96DICE Permanent IC Engine Replacement Notification Formenf-96.pdf
ENF-99GDF Repair Log Formenf-99.pdf
ENF-99aGDF Service Repair Sheetenf-99a.pdf
ENF-100GDF Daily Healy Inspection Formenf-100.pdfenf-100.xls
ENF-100GDF Weekly Healy Inspection “How To” (accompanies the ENF-100 form)enf-100a.pdf
ENF-101Notification of Equivalent Routine Replacement/Repair and Maintenance of API Bolted Steel Tanksenf-101.pdf
ENF-102Rule 361 Tune-Up Reportenf-102.pdf enf-102.doc
ENF-103Exemption Request ? Coating Outside of Spray Boothenf-103.pdfenf-103.doc
ENF-104Annual Report Form  – Wineryenf-104.pdfenf-104.doc
Annual Winery Emissions Worksheet 2.0wine calcs 

For more information or assistance, call the District at (805) 961-8800, or e-mail [email protected].

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