What if I encounter contaminated soil during the tank removal?  If contaminated soil is found during the tank removal process, have the soil immediately removed to an approved disposal site.  Cover the the exposed area and any piles with 20-mil plastic sheeting.  Do not excavate any additional soil beyond what is required to remove tank.  Upon receiving a Fire Department approved Remedial Action Plan, apply for either an APCD Condition exemption (Form -07a) or a permit.

Excavation projects may qualify for an exemption if they are 1,000 yd3 or less.  What about project over 1,000 yd3?  Contaminated soil excavation projects over 1,000 yd3 require an APCD permit.  If your project will be close to the 1,000 yd3 exemption threshold, you may want to apply for a permit instead of a written exemption to ensure the project is not delayed if additional contamination is discovered.

Is there a contamination threshold (mg/kg, ppmw, etc.) for determining what is included in the 1,000 yd3?  The contaminated soil exemption threshold of 1,000 yd3 applies to the amount of contaminated soil and/or potentially contaminated soil removed from the site and transported to an approved offsite disposal facility for the entire project.  It is not dependent on a certain minimum concentration of contaminants.  Overburden soil that is excavated but not removed from the site does not count towards the 1,000 yd3 exemtion threshold.

For more information or assistance, call the APCD at (805) 961-8800 or e-mail us at [email protected].

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