The Santa Barbara County APCD Web site has a number of resources available online to help businesses apply for and obtain permits. This page provides a road map to these available resources. Please e-mail us with any comments or suggestions at [email protected] .

Application Forms: All of the APCD’s application forms are available online. The forms may be viewed and printed by selecting the Adobe PDF format. Instructions for downloading and for setting up your browser to view the PDF files may be found on the Download page.

BACT: Best Available Control Technology: Projects may require the use of BACT if the emissions exceed the thresholds established in the New Source Review Regulation (see Rules 802). Resources available include: the APCD’s BACT policy and procedure, BACT Tables, and links to USEPA and CARB BACT databases.

ERCs: Emission Reduction Credits: Larger sources may be required to offset their emissions through the use of emission reduction credits. APCD Rules 804 and 806 govern the generation and use of ERCs. All ERCs must be registered in the APCD’s Source Register (i.e., the ERC Bank) in order to obtain and use an ERC Certificate. Resources available online include: the APCD’s Source Register P&P, ERC Certificate Process Flowchart, Ledger of ERC Certificates available, ERC Transaction Costs Report and draft Determination of Issuance (DOI) documents.

Permitting Policies and Procedures: All of the Permitting policy and procedures are available for downloading or viewing online with the Adobe PDF viewer. P&P’s cover a wide range of topics, from how to submit confidential information to Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems. In addition to the P&Ps, a list of specific questions and answers regarding the permitting and NSR rules may be found on the Permitting and New Source Review FAQs page.

Permit Fees and Current Fee Schedule (pdf format): Permit fees are assessed to permit applicants. The fees cover the APCD’s costs for processing and issuing the permit as well as for costs associated with site inspections. A discussion of the typical fees and a table of the current Fee Schedule are provided.

Permitting and New Source Review FAQs: In an attempt to ensure a consistent application of our rules, we have developed a number of Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”). These FAQs address common questions about how our rules are applied.

Rules, Regulations, and Associated Staff Reports: All of the APCD’s rules and state air toxic control measures (ATCMs) are available for downloading (in PDF format) or for viewing online. In addition, recent rule staff reports as well as draft rules and staff reports are available.

Software: A limited number of emission calculation spreadsheets are available for downloading from our Technical Resources page. Calculations for Boilers, Fixed Roof Tanks, Fugitive Hydrocarbon Emissions, and Loading Racks may be found.

Technical Resources: The APCD’s Technical Resources page contains information helpful for permitting and compliance activties. Resources available include: emission calculation software; emission factors; technical tips; noteworthy reference material; and, other internet resources.

Technical Protocols: A number of the APCD’s Technical Protocols are available for downloading (in PDF format). These include: Continuous Emissions Monitoring Protocol; Modeling Guidelines for Air Quality Impact Analysis; Source Test Procedures Manual; Environmental Review Guidelines for the Santa Barbara County APCD; and, Information Required for Submitting ATC Applications – General.

For more information or assistance, call the APCD at (805) 961-8800, or e-mail us at [email protected]