Infrastructure Program Criteria and Requirements

General Criteria:

  1. Applications are limited to one (1) infrastructure grant project per Company, LLC, Tax ID, etc., and determinations are at the final discretion of the District.
  2. Infrastructure grant projects may include equipment that is located at multiple sites, if they’re located within the same census tract. Please reach out to Alex Economou at [email protected] with questions about project eligibility.
  3. The project must be installed and located in Santa Barbara County.
  4. Projects must comply with all applicable federal, State, local laws and requirements including environmental laws, and State building, environmental and fire codes. Projects must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  5. Work must be performed by a licensed contractor.
  6. Publicly accessible stations must at a minimum be accessible to the public daily during regular business hours.
  7. Equipment and parts must be new. Remanufactured or refurbished equipment and parts are not eligible.
  8. Publicly accessible stations are encouraged to be appropriately striped and equipped with signage identifying the parking space as an EV charging station or alternative fueling station.
  9. Applicants are eligible to claim credits generated under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program.

Battery Charging Station:

  1. EV chargers must be a level 2 and higher to support non-residential stations.
  2. Publicly accessible light-duty EV charging stations must use a valid and universally accepted charge connector protocol (e.g. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), CHAdeMO).
  3. EV charger must be certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (e.g., Underwriter’s Laboratories, Intertek) located at
  4. EV charging station equipment must have at least a one year warranty.
  5. EV charging station projects must be reported to the Department of Energy Alternative Fuel Data Center located at

Alternative Fueling Station:

  1. Alternative fueling station equipment must have at least a three year warranty.
  2. Hydrogen fueling station projects must be reported to the Station Online Status System (SOSS) maintained by the California Fuel Cell Partnership (

Maximum Eligible Funding Amounts:

Project Type2017 Moyer GuidelinesCommunity Air Protection2
All Projects50%60%
Any Infrastructure Project Located at a Sensitive Receptor150%80%4
Publicly Accessible Projects60%70%
Projects with Solar/Wind Power Systems365%75%
Publicly Accessible Projects with Solar/Wind Power Systems375%80%4
Public School Bus Battery Charging and Alternative Fueling80%80%4
Additional Incentive for Projects Also Serving a Port/Railyard/Freight FacilityN/A+10%4

1Sensitive receptors include multi-unit dwelling residences; educational facilities such as preschools and kindergarten through grade twelve (K-12) schools; day care centers; health care facilities such as hospitals or retirement and nursing homes; hospices; prisons; and dormitories or similar live-in housing.

2Eligilibity for Community Air Protection funding is based on projects being located within low-income and disadvantaged communities, as defined by this map:

3At least 50 percent of the energy provided to covered sources by the project must be generated from solar or wind.

4Air District funding is capped at a maximum of 80% of the eligible project cost.

Application Statement of Terms and Conditions:

  1. Projects approved for funding are required to use our Standard Grant Agreement template which is available on our website:
  2. I have legal authority to apply for grant funds for the entity described in this application. 
  3. The proposed project is not required to be implemented by any local, state, and/or federal rule, regulation, or other legally binding requirement. 
  4. No equipment has been purchased and no work on this project has begun or will begin until the Grant Agreement is fully executed by the District Board of Directors or by the Air Pollution Control Officer. 
  5. I understand the grant will reimburse a portion of the total costs and I must retain copies of receipts and cancelled checks to prove that I paid for the total project cost before receiving reimbursement. 
  6. I understand there are conditions placed on receiving a grant and agree to refund the grant (or a pro-rated portion) if it is found that at any time I do not meet those conditions.   
  7. I understand I must complete the equipment purchase and project work specified in the application no later than the period of performance stated in the Grant Agreement. This deadline may be extended for cause if requested by the applicant and approved in writing by the District. 
  8. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that all technologies use a valid and universally accepted charge connector protocol and are certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. 
  9. I understand that the new equipment must be located within Santa Barbara County.   
  10. I understand that I must submit reports annually to the District, which provide a qualitative description of public and private uses, annual usage per charger and the number of plug-in events, and any unscheduled downtime, including duration of downtime and causes of downtime. 
  11. I understand that I will be prohibited from applying for any form of emission reduction credits for Moyer-funded equipment including: Emission Reduction Credit (ERC), Mobile Source Emission Reduction Credit (MSERC), and/or Certificate of Advanced Placement (CAP), for all time, from the District, CARB, and/or any other district. 
  12. I certify that I have disclosed if the proposed project has been funded or being considered for any funds by another air district or any other public or private agency;
  13. I understand that disclosure is required of the value of any current financial incentive that directly reduces the project price, including tax credits or deductions, grants, or other public financial assistance. 
  14. I understand that a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit may be required to be installed on vessels and vehicles/equipment if the District ascertains during the application process that the grant equipment has the potential of operating outside of the boundaries of the Santa Barbara County for a significant portion of the project life. I will submit data as requested and otherwise cooperate with all data monitoring and reporting requirements. 
  15. I understand that a fuel/energy meter must be installed and maintained in operating condition on all equipment. 
  16. I understand the District has the right to conduct unannounced inspections to ensure the project equipment is fully operational and at the activity level committed to in the grant agreement. 
  17. I certify that the requested funds do not include administrative costs. Administrative costs are defined as costs related to application preparation and submittal, project administration, monitoring, oversight, data gathering, and report preparation. I will include funds necessary to cover administrative costs and any required matching funds in my budget for the duration of the project. 
  18. I understand that an IRS Form 1099 will be issued to me for the incentive funds received under the Carl Moyer Program. I understand that it is my responsibility to determine the tax liability associated with participating in the Moyer Program. 
  19. I have signed and submitted to the District a CARB Regulatory Compliance Statement certifying that my company is or I am in compliance with all federal, state, and local air quality rules and regulations at the time of application submittal. 
  20. Agreement to Conduct the Transaction Electronically. Counterparts may be executed and delivered via facsimile, electronic mail (including pdf, digital signature, or any electronic signature complying with the U.S federal ESIGN Act of 2000, California’s Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (Cal. Civ. Code 1633.1, et seq.) or other applicable law) or other transmission method, and any counterparts so delivered shall be deemed to have been duly and validity delivered and be valid and effective for all purposes.

Criteria and requirements based off of California Air Resources Board’s 2017 Carl Moyer Guidelines, Chapter 10: Infrastructure