Landscape Equipment Electrification Fund (LEEF)

The LEEF Program is not currently accepting applications. Please contact [email protected] to be added to our list to receive notification for a future program.

The Landscape Equipment Electrification Fund (LEEF) Program is designed to help landscape businesses and other public and private agencies to adopt zero-emission landscape equipment. The program will offer vouchers to landscape businesses as well as public agencies and schools that perform their own landscape maintenance services.


Gasoline- and diesel-powered landscape equipment emit a host of air pollutants including nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants. It is surprising to learn just how much pollution lawn equipment emits! Today, operating the best-selling commercial lawn mower for one hour emits as much smog-forming pollution as driving a top-selling 2017 passenger car about 300 miles – approximately the distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. For the best-selling commercial leaf blower, one hour of operation emits smog-forming pollution comparable to driving a passenger car about 1100 miles, or approximately the distance from Los Angeles to Denver.

Who is Eligible for Funding?

The LEEF Voucher is available to the following entities that are located in or do business within Santa Barbara County and will commit to use the equipment a majority (greater than 50%) of the time within Santa Barbara County:

  • Commercial landscaping businesses
  • The following entities are eligible if they provide in-house landscape maintenance for their grounds:
    • Public agencies
    • Public or private schools, school districts, and universities

What do the Vouchers Cover?

In order to receive reimbursement, equipment purchased for use with the voucher must be an all-electric model of one of the equipment types listed below. Equipment must be new, and can be purchased from any retailer or manufacturer of electric landscape equipment, including online retailers and manufacturers.

The maximum voucher amounts for each type of equipment are specified below. The voucher amounts are capped at a total of $10,000 per business/agency. Each voucher amount is based on the purchase price of the eligible electric equipment and does not include additional costs such as taxes, fees, accessories and delivery charges.

How Does the Application and Refund Process Work?

  1. Fill out and return a complete application to the District including information and cost estimates for the electric equipment your organization proposes to purchase.
  2. The District will review your application, determine eligibility of your organization, and if eligible and funds remain, issue your organization a voucher with a maximum funding amount based on the equipment your organization proposes to purchase.
  3. Purchase the approved electric equipment from any manufacturer or retailer within 60 days of voucher issuance.
  4. Submit paperwork to the District for reimbursement at [email protected] including:
    • Signed voucher
    • Receipts of purchased equipment
    • Substitute W9 Form (Form will be provided with the voucher)
    • California Form 590 Withholding Exemption Certificate (Form will be provided with the voucher)
  5. The District will reimburse your organization for the voucher amount. Actual reimbursement amounts may be reduced based on the final cost of eligible equipment identified in the purchase receipt.

Program Materials

LEEF Application (English)

LEEF Solicitud (Español)

Where to Dispose of Old Equipment

Leaf Blower Use


Please contact [email protected] or call (805) 961-8889 with any questions.

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