Meteorological Data

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AERMOD-ready meteorological data sets and AERSURFACE output files for use in AERSCREEN are available for dispersion modeling in Santa Barbara County.  Please download the data you need from the table below.  These input files were pre-processed using the AERMET program.

 Met Data Set Name Latitude Longitude Elevation (m) AERMOD-Ready Met Data Sets  AERSURFACE Output Files Wind Roses
Carpinteria 34.403 -119.459 137.0 Carp 2012-2016 Wind Rose
El Capitan 34.462 -120.026 42.0 ElCap 2012-2016 Wind Rose
Ellwood 34.430 -119.911 20.0 Ellwood 2012-2016 Wind Rose
Goleta 34.446 -119.828 14.0 Goleta 2012-2016 Wind Rose
Las Flores Canyon 34.490 -120.047 184.0 LFC 2012-2016 Wind Rose
Lompoc H Street 34.638 -120.457 41.0 Lompoc 2012-2016 Wind Rose
Lompoc Watt Rd 34.781 -120.607 48.0 WattRd 1993-1996 Wind Rose
Nojoqui Pass 34.527 -120.196 303.0 Nojoqui 2012-2016 Wind Rose
Paradise Road 34.542 -119.791 371.0 Paradise 2012-2016 Wind Rose
Santa Barbara Airport* 34.426 -119.842 4.0 SBA U* 2012-2016 Wind Rose
SB National Guard 34.428 -119.691 20.0 SBNG 2012-2016 Wind Rose
Santa Maria Airport* 34.899 -120.448 79.6 SMX U* 2012-2016 Wind Rose
UCSB West Campus 34.415 -119.879 9.0 UCSB 2012-2016 Wind Rose
VAFB South 34.596 -120.631 104.0 VAFB 2012-2016 Wind Rose

* The Santa Barbara Airport and Santa Maria Airport meteorological data sets were processed using the U star adjustment option (ADJ_U*).  The ADJ_U* option was used for these data sets because they do not include turbulence, or sigma-theta, measurements.  AERMOD automatically detects that the meteorological data was processed using the ADJ_U* option.

The locations of the meteorological stations where the data were gathered are shown in the image below.

The AERMOD modeling system can be obtained from the USEPA’s website.

The HARP modeling program can be obtained from the ARB’s website.

For more information or assistance, please contact [email protected].