The Moyer Year 17 application period has closed.

Who was Carl Moyer? Click here to see our infographic and learn about the man who helped shape the development of California’s air quality policies and why the Moyer program was named after him.

Funding for Diesel Engine Operators

The District’s Innovative Technologies Group promotes the application of clean fuels and energy projects. We continue to seek proposals from private and public entities in the county for projects to reduce air pollution from heavy-duty diesel engines, according to the terms and conditions of the California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Carl Moyer Air Quality Memorial Standards Attainment Program (Carl Moyer Program). Typical Carl Moyer Program projects include heavy-duty engine repowers, replacements, and retrofits for both diesel and alternative- fueled equipment. The District’s grant funding comes from the ARB’s Carl Moyer Program and the DMV Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Surcharge Program. Please note that the Year 17 Carl Moyer Program has several new changes compared to last year:

  1. The program will NOT be first come, first served.
  2. Applications must be submitted during a one month period starting Wednesday September 16, 2015 and ending Friday October 16, 2015.
  3. Applications received after Friday October 16, 2015 will be automatically declined.
  4. Applications are limited to one per company.
  5. Applications are limited to one new piece of equipment (e.g., one tractor; single engine or paired set of marine diesel engines).
  6. Projects will be awarded a maximum grant fund of $75,000 or 75% of eligible cost reimbursement, whichever is lower.
  7. Projects will be awarded grant funds based on cost-effectiveness and benefits to public health.
  8. Grant funds will be limited to the following two programs:
    1. Off-Road Equipment Replacement
    2. Marine Diesel Engine Repower
  9. We are not providing grant funds for our Agricultural Stationary & Portable Water Pump Engines Repower & Retrofit Program.  Instead, please consider pursuing emission credits for your agricultural engines:
  10. We are also not providing grant funds for any On-Road truck programs.  For all other types of equipment, including Off-Road Diesel Engine Repower & Retrofit, please contact Jim Fredrickson at (805) 961-8892 for more information.

Please note that only Year 17 application forms will be accepted.  All previous application forms (Year 16 and earlier) will be automatically declined.

Do you qualify for a grant and have all the information needed to submit a complete application? Find out here.

Applicants are encouraged to email the completed Year 17 application and required attachments to more information consult the 2011 Carl Moyer Program Guidelines, visit the ARB Verified Diesel Retrofit Devices website, or contact Jim Fredrickson at (805) 961-8892. Please consult the Carl Moyer Program Advisories for modifications to the guidelines and current program policies.

The following equipment categories are eligible for grant funding:

Off-Road equipment replacement

Off-Road ReplacementDownload Offroad Equipment Replacement application form.

Marine engines

Download Marine Engine application form. Repower of diesel-powered marine main or auxiliary engines.

For information about funding and regulatory resources for diesel truck operators see the California Air Resources Board Truck Stop page.

Questions? Call the APCD at (805) 961-8800, or contact Jim Fredrickson at (805) 961-8892.