Resources for Teachers (and Students)

Learning about our air…and how we can protect this air we share.

Here are some resources for learning more about air pollution and our health and climate change. This page can also be useful to expand on some of the topics introduced in the CD Learning about Our Air. To receive a copy of the CD (available free to Santa Barbara County teachers and educators), or to schedule an APCD presentation in your classroom – or to receive presentations listed below in PowerPoint format, contact the District Public Information Officer, Lyz Hoffman.

Also see the Teachers page on this website.

Lower Elementary School Resources

APCD’s presentation for lower elementary students introduces the idea of stewardship of the Earth through a game called “Think Earth”. The students identify activities that are good and bad for the Earth and discuss things they can do to help keep the Earth and the Air clean. The game focuses on how our actions affect the Earth around us. The presentation can be used on its own or as a supplement to other related lesson plans.

  • See the Safe Routes to School page on this site for more on walking or biking to school, plus a link to download lessons developed by Marin County teachers, and a link to the state’s Safe Routes site.
  • Check out the “Recycle City” games and information on this site:, and for information about recycling in Santa Barbara County, see
  • This EPA site includes games, links, and activities to help kids learn about climate change.
  • Download the Save Planet Polluto coloring book (PDF file) here.
  • See our Kids and Our Air factsheet (PDF file) for more on air pollution and kids’ health, and what kids can do

Upper Elementary/Middle School Resources

APCD’s presentation for upper elementary and middle school/junior high grade levels includes an overview of air quality in Santa Barbara County, as well as an introduction to global climate change and potential impacts.


High School, College, Adult Resources

APCD’s presentation for high school through adult ages includes an overview of air quality in Santa Barbara County, chemical formulas involved in the formation of ozone, an introduction to global climate change and potential impacts, and information on how fuel cells work.

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