Federal Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (RICE)


This webpage provides a portal to important information that will assist you in complying with the USEPA’s requirements for reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE).  Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District is delegated authority from USEPA to implement and enforce the applicable regulations.  The District implements these rules in conjunction with other State and local regulations.  See the District’s webpage for compression ignition (CI) engines here and our webpage for spark-ignited (SI) engines here.  The Federal rules that apply to internal combustion engines include:

  • NESHAP ZZZZ.  Applies to all existing engines (including new engines rated over 500 bhp that are located at major HAP sources) .
  • NSPS IIII.  Applies to new CI engines.  Diesel fueled engines are an example of a CI engine.
  • NSPS JJJJ.  Applies to SI engines.  Includes engines fueled by natural gas, LPG, gasoline, LFG, digester gas.

PowerPoint Presentations

  • EPA Presentation Stationary RICE NESHAP – June 21, 2011 ( PDF)
  • CAPCOA Engineering Symposium RICE NESHAP -June 22, 2011 (PDF)
  • CAPCOA Enforcement Managers Meeting – August 18,2011 (PDF)


  • EPA NSPS JJJJ Summary of Requirements Table – August 2011 (XLS, PDF)
  • EPA Stationary RICE Applicability Flowchart – November 2010 (PPTPDF)
  • EPA RICE Summary Table of Requirements – March 2011 (XLSPDF)
  • Mississippi DEQ Summary Flowchart – March 2011 (DOCPDF)
  • Trinity Consultants – Updated MACT ZZZZ Requirements for Existing Stationary CI RICE (PDF)

EPA’s Regulation Navigation Tool (REG NAV)

  • Regulation Navigation Tool – April 2011: click here
  • Example Output:  Existing CI Non-Emergency at an Area HAP Source rated b/n 300-500 bhp (PDF).  Over 500 bhp (PDF)
  • Example Output:  Existing CI Emergency Engine at an Area HAP Source Rated under 500 bhp (PDF), Over 500 bhp (PDF)
  • Example Output:  New CI Non-Emergency Engine at an Area HAP Source rated over 500 bhp (PDF)
  • Example Output:  Existing SI Non-Emergency 4-Stroke Rich Burn Engine at Major HAP Source rated b/n 100 and 500 bhp (PDF)
  • Example Output:  New SI Non-Emergency 2-Stroke Lean Burn Engine at an Area HAP Source rated under 500 bhp (PDF)

Other Useful Documents

  • EPA Guidance on RICE NESHAP Residential-Institutional-Commercial Emergency Engine Definition – Sept 2010 (PDF)
  • EPA Example Notification of Compliance Status Report Letter (DOCPDF)
  • EPA Example Initial Notification of Applicability Letter (DOCPDF)
  • EPA Maintenance Requirements for Agricultural Engines Rated 300 hp or Less (PDF)



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