SCCBCC Minutes – August 26, 2020



Santa Barbara County APCD, 260 N. San Antonio Rd. Suite A, Santa Barbara, CA, 93110


Gary Willey, APCO

San Luis Obispo County APCD


Laki Tisopulos, APCO

Ventura County APCD


Aeron Arlin Genet, APCO

Santa Barbara County APCD


Lynn Compton

District 4 Supervisor

San Luis Obispo County

Lynn Edmonds

Councilmember, City of Fillmore

Ventura County

Paula Perotte

Mayor, City of Goleta

Santa Barbara County

Meeting Minutes

August 26, 2020

Meeting Commenced at 10:03 a.m. virtually via Zoom Webinar

Video can be reviewed here:


Council Members:      Lynn Compton, Paula Perotte and Lynn Edmonds

Staff:   Gary Willey, Laki Tisopulos, and Aeron Arlin Genet


  1. Election of Chair

A motion was made by Ms. Perotte, seconded by Ms. Compton, that Ms. Lynn Edmonds be appointed as Chair, and Ms. Lynn Compton as Vice Chair.  The motion carried by the following vote:

Ayes:   3 –        Perotte, Edmonds and Compton.

Noes:   0 –        None.

Abstain:   0 –        None.

Absent:   0 –        None.


  1. Approval of Minutes of the December 11, 2019 Meeting

Approval of the December 11, 2019 Minutes was deferred to the next scheduled meeting to allow members that did not attend the meeting to review the minutes.

The floor is opened to public comment, with no response.


  1. Public Comment Period

This is the time set for public comments on items not on the agenda. Chairperson Lynn Edmonds opens the floor to public comment, with no response.


  1. Refinery Fence Line Monitoring (AB 1674)

SLOCAPCD’s Refinery Fence Line Monitoring Proposal

Mr. Gary Willey reports on regulations put in place to require refineries to form a fence line monitoring system.  The refinery under the SLOCAPCD jurisdiction, Phillips 66, is operating their fence line monitoring system under an MOU rather than a District Rule.  Mr. Willey reports Phillips 66 will be ceasing operation in 2023. Mr. Willey responds to Council Member questions and comments.

SBCAPCD’s Rule 364

Ms. Aeron Arlin Genet provides the Council with a presentation on SBAPCD’s Rule 364: Refinery Fence Line and Community Air Monitoring.  Like San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County also has only one refinery within its jurisdiction – an asphalt batch plant, west of Santa Maria, also fell within the requirements of AB 1647, requiring fence line monitoring.  The District must operate a community monitor to measure the same refinery-related pollutants.

Chairperson Edmonds opens the floor to public comment, with no response.


  1. Vessel Speed Reduction Program Update (Tisopulos)

Dr. Laki Tisopulos provides the Council with information on the Vessel Speed Reduction Program implemented in 2014. This is a voluntary program that encourages vessels to reduce their speed from 14-18 knots to 10 knots for two benefits – to protect wildlife (whales) and to reduce air emissions.  Just last year in the Santa Barbara Channel (including Ventura County), it is estimated that NOX emissions had been reduced by 540 tons, in addition to large reductions in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, Oxides of Sulfur (SOX) emissions and Diesel Particulates (DP).  In July, USEPA has granted Ventura County APCD additional funding to support this program and it is possible that the California Air Resources Board may be providing additional resources.

Chairperson Edmonds opens the floor to public comment, with no response.


  1. Oceano Dunes SVRA Update (Willey)

Mr. Gary Willey provides the Council with an update on the emission reduction progress made at the Oceano Dunes SVRA.  The dunes have been closed in response to COVID-19 and the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) doesn’t anticipate any measurable reductions as a result of the closure.  The SAG will be looking at their recommendations for the mitigation plans for 2021 and submitted to the APCO ‘s review.  The APCD Hearing Board is scheduled to meet on October 23, 2020.

Chairperson Edmonds opens the floor to public comment, with no response.


  1. Landscape Electrification Programs:

Electrification Experimentation with the City of Ojai (Tisopulos)

Dr. Laki Tisopulos provides the Council with information on a program that the City of Ojai created to replace gas-powered landscaping equipment with all electric equipment over the course of 2 years. 80 tons of criteria pollutants and GHG emissions were reduced during the course of this experiment, and the equipment operators don’t inhale fumes while using the equipment.  The Lake Casitas community, as well as the Santa Paula community, is looking at participating.

Landscape Equipment Electrification Fund (LEEF) Program (Arlin Genet)

SBCAPCD has had a lot of interest to eliminate leaf blowers in general, but specifically those that are gas-powered.  Statewide, small off-road engines (SORE) have not decreased in emission impacts to the extent as lower emissions vehicles, contributing to smog formation, health impacts to equipment operators as well as neighborhood impacts.  SBCAPCD has secured $100,000 of funding for a program to incentivize electrification of landscape equipment.  The LEEF Pilot project was launched in March 2020, with landscape businesses, public/private schools and public agencies eligible to participate.  The Pilot project was a huge success with the District receiving $164,021 in applications from 14 businesses, 3 public agencies and 12 schools countywide.  There has been a ton of interest to expand this program with a high level of satisfaction with the electric equipment.  Ms. Arlin Genet responds to Council member comments and questions.

Chairperson Edmonds opens the floor to public comment, with no response.


  1. Other Business/Confirm Next Meeting Date

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 3, 2020.


  1. Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:18 a.m.