SCCBCC Minutes – July 24, 2019



Santa Barbara County APCD, 260 N. San Antonio Rd. Suite A, Santa Barbara, CA, 93110


Gary Willey, APCO

San Luis Obispo County APCD

Michael Villegas, APCO

Ventura County APCD

Aeron Arlin Genet, APCO

Santa Barbara County APCD


John Hamon, Chair

Councilmember, City of Paso Robles

Lynn Edmonds

Councilmember, City of Fillmore

Paula Perotte, Vice-Chair

Mayor, City of Goleta

Meeting Minutes

July 24, 2019

Meeting Commenced at 10:09 a.m.


Council Members:        John Hamon, Lynn Edmonds and Paula Perotte

Staff: Gary Willey, Mike Villegas and Aeron Arlin Genet


  1. Approval of Minutes of the April 23, 2019 Meeting

A motion was made by Ms. Perotte, seconded by Mr. Hamon that the minutes be approved.  The motion carried by the following vote:

Ayes: 3 –     Hamon, Edmonds, Perotte.

Noes: 0 –     None.

Abstain:  0 –     None.

Absent:  0 –     None.


  1. Public Comment Period

Received public comment.


  1. Prescribed Fire Program (All)

Recent State legislation (SB 1260) provides funding to air districts to expand on prescribed fire programs.  These grants will help pay for staff time spent on the program, including working with other agencies, outreach, working with land managers, identifying the burn window, deploying EBAMs and developing Smoke Management Plans.  SBCAPCD received Board approval to move forward with two separate grants; one to aid in staff time, the other to act as a suppository for EBAMS for use by other agencies.  VCAPCD will use their grant funds for PFIRs training of their Meteorologist, as well as to put an EBAM somewhere in the Lockwood Valley.


  1. 2019 Legislative Update:
  • AB 617 Implementation (All)

For their Year 2 mobile funding, SLOCAPCD will be doing a competitive program, scoring projects with favor in low income areas, in addition to type of vehicle and whether there is a benefit to low income areas.  Survey postcards were sent out to inquire which options were preferred among the community.  New for this year, is money may be used towards air filtration systems in schools and landscape equipment.

Following VCAPCD’s community workshop in July, food distributers have expressed interest in upgrading to electric and CNG engines.

SBCAPCD will be providing grants on a first come, first served basis with priority to low income areas.  Projects include engine replacement of heavy-duty on-road vehicles and off-road farming vehicles.  Two boiler rules have also been modified under BARCT.

The State is working on significant modifications to their Criteria & Toxic Reporting (CTR) rule, with a 15-day package.  This plan was halted by CARB’s legal counsel and the State will be going forward with their original plan as noticed for now, but plan to come back at a later date with a modified rule.

  • SB 69, Ocean Resiliency Act of 2019 (Villegas/Arlin Genet)

VCAPCD is estimating a cost to implement this program at $550,000.  The biggest hurdle in the amount of funding is in senate appropriations.  Additionally, the Navy wants vessels to stay inside the channel, as they conduct testing outside of the channel.  There are also environmental justice concerns and claimed potential of increase in oil spills.


  1. Oceano Dunes Mitigation Update (Willey)

The SLOCAPCD Hearing Board issued a stipulated order of abatement in April 2018 to the State Parks.  Staff will be conducting an adaptive management program with projects on the dunes while allowing off-road vehicle (OHV) activity to occur.  Meanwhile, at a recent hearing by the Coastal Commission, staff recommended phasing out OHV use, siting concerns with air quality, Native American areas and Environment Sensitive Habitat.  An Improvement Reduction Plan was adopted in June, and a report on this plan will be due in August.  The first community workshop is scheduled to be held in October.  The Coastal Commission will be coming back in one year with their public works plan, while holding quarterly update meetings on their progress.


  1. VCAPCD Implementation of GHG Refrigerant Management Program (Villegas)

This CARB climate change program was crafted to reduce the emissions of high global warming potential refrigerants through a leak detection and repair program.  The program captures everything from local grocery stores to large food distribution centers.  Currently, refrigerators are being replaced with equipment that is safer in many ways, however has double the global warming potential due to leaks.  The average refrigerator loses about 20% of their refrigerant into the atmosphere each year.  This program requires self-inspection of equipment, district staff would inspect large sources annually and leaks must be repaired within 14 days.  Recording keeping is required annually on how much refrigerant is being purchased as well as what they are shipping out to be reclaimed or destroyed.  VCAPCD will be the first medium-size district to implement the program and CARB will be reimbursing district costs for its implementation.


  1. Other Business/Confirm Next Meeting Date

There was a brief discussion regarding cannabis cultivation and the chemicals used to mask the odors.  As an agricultural crop, districts do not have regulatory oversight of cannabis.  However districts are available to work with lead agencies during their permit process.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 6, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.


  1. Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:38 a.m.