Toolkit for Reducing Diesel Emissions

Resources for school communities

bussmokeThis toolkit is designed to help school communities, environmental officials, and others make informed decisions about ways to reduce harmful diesel emissions from school buses. It includes local information, materials created by the Asthma Regional Council in New England, and resources developed by numerous organizations and agencies around the country. We hope these resources benefit those seeking to improve the health of school children by reducing diesel bus emissions.For information on local incentives available from our Innovative Technologies Group, see the Incentive Programs section of our website.


Special note to school bus maintenance officials:  School districts should consult with their local CHP before installing anything on their buses. School buses are subject to stricter safety standards than other motor vehicles and the installation of some retrofit devices may be considered a modification to the bus’ chassis which would require, either approval by the school bus OEM or installation that is done according to the component manufacturer’s engineering drawings and then verified by the local CHP (Title 13/ Division 2/ Chapter 6.5/Article 9/ 1272C “Chassis Modifications” of the CA Code of Regulations).

Questions can be directed to the APCD’s Innovative Technologies Group at [email protected].


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