Venoco, Inc. – Ellwood

Note, March 2018: New draft permits are out for public review. See South Ellwood Field for more information. 

Platform Holly is located off Coal Oil Point near Goleta. A seep containment device is located on the ocean floor near the platform to capture natural gas that seeps from vents on the ocean floor.  Oil and natural gas from Platform Holly and natural gas from the seep containment device are sent by pipeline to the Ellwood Onshore Facility.  At the onshore facility, the oil, natural gas and water are separated.  Oil is treated to remove hydrogen sulfide, stored on-site, then sent to the Ellwood Marine Terminal, where barges take it to refineries.  Water is injected into an on-site disposal well.  Natural gas is dried, treated to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, compressed, then sold to the local utility company.  Two wells at the nearby Beachfront Lease are associated with the stationary source, but currently out of service.

Operating Permits

Platform Holly Title V Operating Permit
Seep Containment Device Title V Operating Permit
Ellwood Onshore Facility Title V Operating Permit
Beachfront Lease Title V Operating Permit

Public Notices

There are no current public notices for this stationary source.

Toxic Risk Review

A company which emits toxics into the air must conduct a complete inventory of all of the toxic air pollution it generates. The results of the health risk assessment for this source can be found here.


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