Apply for 2022 Clean Air Grant Funding

July 12, 2022

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Lyz Bantilan, Public Information Officer, Santa Barbara County APCD, (805) 979-8283

Apply for 2022 Clean Air Grant Funding
On-Road, Off-Road, Marine, Agricultural, and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Projects Qualify

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. — Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) announced today that the 2022 Clean Air Grants Program will accept applications July 25 through August 31. A record amount of funding (approximately $3.8 million) is available for voluntary Clean Air Grant projects this year — twice as much funding as was available last year.

APCD will prioritize applications proposing zero-emission or near-zero emission technology projects, along with projects in low-income and disadvantaged communities, as defined by this map:

Individuals, businesses, and nonprofits looking to replace old equipment with newer, cleaner technology, or transition to zero-emission or near-zero emission vehicles, equipment, and/or fueling infrastructure, are encouraged to apply. Successful projects will be eligible to receive a grant within a range from $10,000 to $250,000. Emission reductions from the project must be surplus to any rule or regulation. Examples of eligible projects include:

  • On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles:
    • Heavy-duty trucks and buses
    • School buses
    • Solid waste collection vehicles
    • Transit fleet vehicles, including urban buses
    • Public agency and utility vehicles
    • Emergency vehicles
  • Alternative Fueling Infrastructure
  • Off-Road Equipment:
    • Tractors
    • Forklifts
    • Loaders and dozers
    • Excavators
    • Agricultural utility vehicles
  • Marine Vessels (regulated and non-regulated commercial vessels)
  • Agricultural Engines

Over the past 34 years, APCD has collaborated with local operators and awarded more than $50 million to various engine replacement projects throughout Santa Barbara County. These projects have eliminated several thousand tons of smog-forming pollution and particulate matter, both of which harm human health. Here are some testimonials from previous recipients:

“We are proud of the fact that we have been able through this Grant Program to be able to upgrade our tractors over the past few years. Without this program, we would have continued to repair our old tractors and not replace them with much cleaner-running, energy-efficient tractors. This has also had a positive effect with the morale of our employees.” – Plantel Nurseries (Santa Maria)

“Access to grant funds are crucial for small businesses like mine, looking to upgrade to best available technology in order to reduce emissions. Especially because we carry the public, health and safety are our priority. Having the newest equipment ensures reduced mechanical issues and easier access to parts.” – Stardust Sportfishing (Santa Barbara Harbor)

“I enjoy hearing from previous Clean Air Grant recipients about how transitioning to newer, cleaner technology has benefited their operations while improving our air quality,” said Aeron Arlin Genet, APCD Director. “I strongly encourage all interested companies and organizations to apply.”

For more information, visit our Grants webpage.