Clean Air Grants for On-Road Vehicles

The 2021 Clean Air Grant Program is currently closed. Please contact [email protected] with questions. 

2021 Clean Air Grants for On-Road Trucks and Buses

Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District (District) has funding opportunities for a variety of on-road vehicle replacement projects. Grant funds are calculated based on the amount of pollutant emissions the replacement project will reduce.

  • Projects that operate in a Low income Community as defined by AB 1550 will be prioritized for funding.  The AB 1550 map can be viewed at
  • Projects that use zero or near zero emission technology will be prioritized for funding.
  • The District has final discretion on how grant funds are distributed.

Eligible Vehicles/Equipment:

Current Vehicle/Equipment to be Replaced (Diesel-powered)New Vehicle/Equipment to be purchased
Commercial trucks and buses (GVWR over 14,000lbs) with 2010 or newer model year engine or a commercial truck or bus with any model year engine currently registered under CARB’s NOx Exempt Area Flexibility OptionA zero-emission vehicle or near-zero emission vehicle (low NOx vehicle*).
Solid Waste Collection, Public Agency and Utility Vehicle
Transit/Urban Bus
Authorized Emergency VehicleA vehicle with diesel engine certified to 2010 emission standards or cleaner, a zero-emission vehicle, or a low NOx vehicle*.
Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRUs) (accepted on a case-by-case basis and will require CARB approval)A zero-emission TRU
*A low NOx vehicle has a CARB certified engine meeting emission levels of 0.10 g/bhp NOx or less. More information on Optional Low NOx engines at: 

Project Requirements:

  • Applications are limited to one grant project per Company, LLC, Taxpayer ID, etc. with final determination at the District’s discretion
  • Vehicles proposed for replacement must be operating in-service at the time of application and operation must be demonstrated during a District pre-inspection.
  • Funded vehicles must be registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles within Santa Barbara County for the last 24 months.
  • The owner’s entire fleet must be compliant with all CARB’s on-road regulations and pass a compliance check by CARB. The owner’s fleet must be registered in CARB’s Truck Regulation Upload, Compliance, and Reporting System (TRUCRS). For information on CARB’s on-road regulations please visit:
  • More detailed and additional criteria can be found on the PDF application and in the CARB’s 2017 Carl Moyer Guidelines, Chapter 4: On-Road Equipment:

How to Apply:

1. Determine your vehicle’s eligibility for this programPlease see CARB’s 2017 Carl Moyer Guidelines, Chapter 4, Community Air Protection Project Guidelines, and the project criteria and requirements page for full details. 
2. Gather the required information about your vehicle, engine, and replacement vehicle and engine.
3. Apply for grant funds in person, by mail, email, or online.

Please see application on the right for more information.

Application – Trucks

Program opens Monday, August 2, 2021
Program closes Friday, September 3, 2021


Contact Emily Waddington at (805) 961-8878 or [email protected] 

This program is part of our 2021 Clean Air Grants Program funded by California Air Resources Board’s Carl Moyer Program, Community Air Protection Program, and Funding Agricultural Replacement Measures for Emission Reductions Program (FARMER). For more information, see 2021 Clean Air Grants.

Additional Funding Sources and Information for Cleaner On-Road Vehicles

Funding  for hybrid and zero-emission trucks and buses, as well as low-NOx natural gas engines, is available through California’s Heavy-Duty Vehicle Incentive Program.

Additional funding and regulatory resources for heavy-duty truck operators can be found on the California Air Resources Board Truck Stop page.

CARB has a calculator tool to help estimate a potential grant amount. Please note that the District is only funding zero-emission and low-Nox replacement projects.