District Board of Directors

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The governing Board of the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District consists of each of the five county supervisors and a representative (mayor or city council member) from each of the county’s eight incorporated cities.  Membership includes:

Supervisorial District Member
 First District Supervisor Das Williams, Chair
105 East Anapamu Street, 4th Floor, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 568-2186
 Second District Supervisor Gregg Hart
105 East Anapamu Street, 4th Floor, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 568-2191
 Third District Supervisor Joan Hartmann
105 East Anapamu Street, 4th Floor, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 568-2192
 Fourth District Supervisor Peter Adam
100 East Locust Avenue, Suite 101, Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 737-7700
 Fifth District Supervisor Steve Lavagnino
511 East Lakeside Parkway, Suite 141, Santa Maria, CA 93455
(805) 346-8400
Cities Member Alternate
Buellton Mayor Holly Sierra
P.O. Box 1819, Buellton, CA  93427
(805) 688-3347
Ed Andrisek
Carpinteria Vice Mayor Al Clark
5775 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013
(805) 684-5405
Wade Nomura
Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte, Vice-Chair
130 Cremona Drive, Suite B, Goleta, CA 93117
(805) 961-7535
Stuart Kasdin
Guadalupe Mayor Pro Tem Gina Rubalcaba
918 Obispo Street, Guadalupe, CA 93434
(805) 356-3891
Ariston Julian
Lompoc Councilmember James Mosby
1400 East Locus Avenue, Lompoc, CA 93436
(805) 736-1261
Jenelle Osborne
Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo,
P.O. Box 1990, Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990
(805) 564-5323
Eric Friedman
Santa Maria Mayor Alice Patino
110 East Cook Street, Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 925-0951 ext. 188
Etta Waterfield
Solvang Mayor Ryan Toussaint
1644 Oak Street, Solvang, CA 93463
(805) 688-5575
Daniel Johnson

Subcommittees of the District Board

Members of the below are appointed by the District Board at the first meeting of each calendar year.  Click on header links for more information.

◊  Executive Committee:
2020 Members – Cathy Murillo, Das Williams and Steve Lavagnino
Standing committee, consists of the Chair and at least two additional members, meets as needed.  The purpose of the Executive Committee is to provide review and input to staff and the full Board on certain complex and time-sensitive issues that may arise between Board meetings.  While the committee may review and provide input to staff on these subjects, final decisions are made by the full Board.

◊  South Central Coast Basinwide Control Council:
2020 Representative for Santa Barbara County – Paula Perotte
The Health and Safety Code (Section 40900) requires that in each air basin, which is comprised of two or more air pollution control districts, a basinwide air pollution control council be established.  This council meets quarterly and is intended to promote coordination of air pollution control efforts throughout the air basin and consists of an elected official of, and designated by, the board of each air pollution control district included in the air basin.  The South Central Coast Air Basin contains the San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, and Ventura County Air Pollution Control Districts.

◊  Hearing Board Nominating Committee:
2020 Members – Das Williams, Gregg Hart, Joan Hartmann, Peter Adam and Alice Patino
Standing committee, consists of five Board members, meets as needed.  The purpose of the committee is to make nominations for appointment to the District Hearing Board.  The Final decisions of Hearing Board appointments are made by the full Board.