District Fees

The District charges fees to cover our costs for reviewing applications, issuing permits, and ensuring compliance. Different fees apply to different types of permits and equipment. The fees are typically adjusted annually in July according to the Consumer Price Index.

For a detailed description on fees, including why we charge fees, when fees are due, how we use fees collected, and what fees to expect, see The APCD Permit Process/Permit Fees.

Current Fee Schedule

Fees that apply as of July 1, 2023:

Adobe PDF file:    cpi-fees.pdf    (For instructions on downloading PDF files, see How to View and Download Documents.)

Who Can I Contact if I Have Questions?

There are two good ways to get answers to your questions regarding our fees.

  1. Call the Business Assistance Line at (805) 979-8050.
  2. Send an e-mail to [email protected]