Heat Clean, Save Green!

We will be launching a new program in Fall 2018 to replace wood-burning stoves, fireplace inserts, or open-hearth fireplaces with more efficient heating devices. Please check back on this page for more information. For questions or to find out more about the new program, call (805) 961 – 8848 or email [email protected].

Why Focus on Wood Smoke Emission Reductions?

Wood smoke contains soot, fine particles, dioxins, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. Breathing wood smoke can reduce lung function, aggravate heart and lung diseases, and trigger asthma. Every year, starting in in the fall, the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) hears from Santa Barbara County residents concerned about breathing smoke from their neighbors’ fires.

More Information

To learn more about wood burning, and air pollution, see some of the links below.