Day: April 3, 2024

Prescribed Pile Burning Scheduled for this Week

WHAT: State-approved Vegetation Management Program burn of approximately 500 acres of chaparral, sage scrub, and Oak Woodland with grass understory.
WHEN: December 7-10, depending on conditions. This burn will occur over 3-4 days. Burning operations may or may not occur on consecutive days, depending on conditions. If burning does not occur on consecutive days, an additional day-before media advisory will be distributed. Burning operations will occur on permissive burn days.
WHERE: Spaulding/Midland area, approximately 3 miles north of Los Olivos.


APCD Hearing Board Agenda – April 3, 2024

Public Notice | Meeting Audio A. Call to Order – Roll Call B. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair for 2024  Elect the Chair and Vice-Chair to serve as APCD Hearing Board Officers for calendar year 2024. C. Approval of minutes Approve minutes of the October 4, 2023 regular meeting. D. Announcements/Staff