APCD Board Actions – December 16, 2021
  • Reconsider the Circumstances of the COVID-19 State of Emergency
    • Reconsider the circumstances of the COVID-19 state of emergency;
    • Consider whether state or local officials continue to impose or recommend measures to promote social distancing;
    • Find that the legislative body has reconsidered the circumstances of the state of emergency, and that State or local officials continue to impose or recommend measures to promote social distancing; and
    • Direct staff to continue to notice and hold hearings as remote hearings consistent with Government Code § 54953(e)(3).
  • Closed Session
    • Public Employee Performance Evaluation (Gov. Code § 54957(b)(1).)
      • Title: Air Pollution Control Officer.
  • Approval of Minutes – Approve minutes of the October 21, 2021 regular meeting and minutes of the November 18, 2021 special meeting
  • Notice of Violation Report – Receive and file the summary of notices of violation issued and penalty revenue received during the months of October and November 2021.
  • District Grant and Incentives Program Activity – Receive and file the following grant program related activity:
    • An update on the Old Car Buy Back Program for vehicles retired during the period of October 1, 2021 through November 30, 2021; and
    • Summary of the emission-reduction grant agreement approved by the Air Pollution Control Officer for the period of October 1, 2021 through November 30, 2021 in accordance with Board Resolution Number 20-13.
  • Update on Public Outreach Activities – Receive and file an update on District outreach activities.
  • Resolution for Funding Agricultural Replacement Measures for Emission Program – Consider recommendations as follows:
    • Adopt a Resolution to authorize the District’s continued participation in the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Funding Agricultural Replacement Measures for Emission Reductions (FARMER) program and the acceptance of $1,362,700 awarded to the District for eligible projects and program administration in accordance with the terms and conditions of a FARMER Year 4 Program grant agreement with CARB; and
    • Delegate authority to the Air Pollution Control Officer to enter into grant agreements with CARB for the FARMER program, in Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-22 and in future years, for amounts not to exceed $2,000,000, subject to review and approval by District Counsel, Risk Management, and the Auditor-Controller.
  • Resolution to Increase Carl Moyer Program Funds – Adopt a resolution amending Resolution No. 15-22 and superseding Resolution No. 17-05 to allow for the acceptance of funds from the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program (Carl Moyer Program), not to exceed $2,500,000.
  • Received Director’s Report
  • Received Public Comment
  • Appreciation for Departing Board Members – Present Service Award of Appreciation to Mayor Cathy Murillo.
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New Phone Numbers
The District has new direct lines for all staff, as well as for all of our phone lines, including our main phone number and Complaints line. You can find our new phone numbers on this webpage.

Nuevos números de teléfono
El Distrito tiene nuevos números de teléfono para comunicarse con el personal directamente, así como también para todas nuestras líneas telefónicas, incluyendo nuestro número principal y el de las Quejas. Puede encontrar nuestros nuevos números de teléfono en esta página web.