APCD Board Actions – May 15, 2014

Agenda | Meeting Video |  Approved Minutes

  • Report from Closed Session – Counsel reported that in closed session a motion was made by Board member Richardson, seconded by Board member Wolf to authorize County Counsel to file a letter of support for the South Coast Air Quality Management District petition to the Court of Appeal for immediate relief from a trial court order requiring the disclosure of the identity of confidential complainants.
  • No quorum to approve minutes of the March 20, 2014 meeting, moved to next meeting.
  • Received and filed the minutes from the December 11, 2013 meeting of the APCD Community Advisory Council.
  • Received and filed the summary of the emission-reduction grant agreements approved by the Air Pollution Control Officer for the period of March 7, 2014 through May 1, 2014 in accordance with Board Resolution Number 02-16.
  • Received and filed the summary of notices of violation issued and penalty revenue received during the months of March and April 2014.
  • Approved recommendation of the APCD Hearing Board Nominating Committee to reappoint David Schmarje to the Professional Engineer position on the APCD Hearing Board for a three-year term.
  • Received and filed the Fiscal Year 2012-13 Financial Audit which includes:     (see Single Audit Reports)

a)     Fiscal Year 2012-13 APCD Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), also containing the Financial Audit Report;
b)     The Independent Auditors- Report on Internal Control over Financial Reporting and on Compliance and Other Matters;
c)     The Independent Auditors- Report on Compliance with Requirements Applicable to Major Program and on Internal Control over Compliance in Accordance with OMB Circular A-133; and
d)     The Independent Auditors- Report on Supplementary Information – Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards.

a)     Received the Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-15;
b)     Held a public hearing to accept comments and provide direction to staff regarding changes desired by the Board; and
c)     Scheduled a budget adoption hearing for June 19, 2014.

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New Phone Numbers
The District has new direct lines for all staff, as well as for all of our phone lines, including our main phone number and Complaints line. You can find our new phone numbers on this webpage.

Nuevos números de teléfono
El Distrito tiene nuevos números de teléfono para comunicarse con el personal directamente, así como también para todas nuestras líneas telefónicas, incluyendo nuestro número principal y el de las Quejas. Puede encontrar nuestros nuevos números de teléfono en esta página web.