APCD Hearing Board Agenda – April 21, 2022

April 21, 2022 – Special Meeting

Meeting Audio


A.           Call to Order – Roll Call

B.           Reconsider the Circumstances of the COVID-19 State of Emergency

  1. Reconsider the circumstances of the COVID-19 state of emergency;
  2. Consider whether state or local officials continue to impose or recommend measures to promote social distancing;
  3. Find that the legislative body has reconsidered the circumstances of the state of emergency, and that State or local officials continue to impose or recommend measures to promote social distancing; and
  4. Direct staff to continue to notice and hold hearings as remote hearings consistent with Government Code § 54953(e)(3).

C.           Future Hearing Board MeetingsConsider how future Hearing Board meetings are to be conducted. | Presentation |

D.           Public Comment Period

E.           Adjourn