APCD Hearing Board Agenda – December 1, 2021

December 1, 2021

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A.           Call to Order – Roll Call

B.            Report on Circumstances of the COVID-19 State of Emergency

1. Receive:

a. An update that the State remains under a proclaimed State of Emergency related to Covid-19; and
b. Public Health Recommendation issued September 28, 2021 regarding social distancing.

2. Provide direction to staff about the location of the next meeting.

C.            Approval of minutesApprove minutes of the September 1, 2021 meeting.

D.            Announcements / Staff Reports

E.            Public Comment Period

F.            Public Hearings

F-1)      Case No. 2021-12-R (Regular Variance)

Mustang Renewable Power Ventures, LLC, 17 Corporate Plaza Drive, Ste. 200, New Port Beach, CA 92660

Consider a Petition for a Regular Variance from District Rule 206, and Conditions 9.C.1.b.vii, 9.C.1.c.iv, 9.C.1.d.iv, 9.C.2.b.iv, 9.C.4.a.i, 9.C.4.a.ii, 9.C.4.a.iii, 9.C.4.a.v, 9.C.4.a.vi, 9.C.4.a.viii, 9.C.4.a.x, 9.C.4.a.xi, 9.C.4.b.i, 9.C.4.b.ii, 9.C.4.b.iii, 9.C.4.c.i, 9.C.4.c.ii, 9.C.4.c.iii, 9.C.5.b.i, 9.C.5.b.ii, 9.C.5.b.iii, 9.C.5.b.v, 9.C.5.b.vi, 9.C.5.b.viii, 9.C.5.b.xi, 9.C.5.b.xii, 9.C.5.b.xvi, 9.C.5.c.i, 9.C.5.c.ii, 9.C.5.c.iv, 9.C.5.c.v, 9.C.5.c.vi, 9.C.5.c.vii, 9.C.5.c.viii, 9.C.5.c.ix, 9.C.5.c.x, 9.C.5.d.i, 9.C.5.d.ii, 9.C.5.d.v, 9.C.5.d.vi, 9.C.5.d.vii, 9.C.5.d.viii, 9.C.5.d.ix, 9.C.5.d.x, 9.C.6.a.i, 9.C.6.a.ii, 9.C.6.a.iii, 9.C.6.a.iv, 9.C.6.b.i, 9.C.6.b.ii, 9.C.6.b.iii, 9.C.6.c.i, 9.C.6.c.ii, 9.C.6.c.iii, 9.C.33.a, and 9.C.33.f of Authority to Construct 14500-02, submitted on October 15, 2021, for continued operations of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) without the following equipment that was damaged by the Alisal Fire: MRF baghouses, MRF scrubbers, and MRF biofilters. The Petitioner operates the equipment described in the Petition at the Santa Barbara County Tajiguas Landfill located at 14470 Calle Real in Goleta, California.

Petition | Staff Report | Draft Variance | Presentation

G.            Adjourn