APCD Hearing Board Agenda – March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009

Administration of Oath to Participants
Approval of minutes of the March 4, 2009 meeting  
Requests for continuance or addition of Ex-Agenda items
Announcements/Staff Reports – Update on Variance Case No. 36-08-R, MM Tajiguas Energy LLC/County of Santa Barbara – Public  Works

Public Hearings

Hearing – To consider Petitions by the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution District Control Officer for issuance of Stipulated Orders of Abatement for the gasoline stations listed below pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 42451(a) requiring that these facilities comply with District Rule 316.  Specifically, these gasoline stations are required to comply with the State of California’s Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery requirements on April 1, 2009.  The facilities have obtained the required District permit to construct, but will not be able to install the new equipment by the State’s deadline.

The owners of these gasoline stations and the District have agreed to the terms of a Stipulated Order of Abatement:

1)     Case No. 15-09-SA – Respondent: Golam Mostafa, Sweet Petroleum 89 E. Highway 246, Buellton

2)     Case No. 16-09-SA – Respondent:  Roy R. Tate, Lompoc Valley Gas & Diesel 719 W. Laurel Avenue, Lompoc

3)     Case No. 17-09-SA – Respondent:  R. Craig Lincoln, Fastrip Oil Company 752 Guadalupe Street, Guadalupe

4)     Case No. 18-09-SA -Respondent:  Saleem Patel, Anishan Services, Inc. 1337 N. H Street, Lompoc

5)     Case No. 19-09-SA -Respondent:  David F. Cosley, Guadalupe 76 1080 Guadalupe Street, Guadalupe

6)     Case No. 20-09-SA – Respondent:  John Letters, Santa Maria Car Wash 2301 S. Broadway, Santa Maria

7)     Case No. 21-09-SA -Respondent:  Mort Zomorodi, Gasco Auto Care 740 E. Donovan Road, Santa Maria

8)     Case No. 22-09-SA -Respondent:  Linda M. Schultze, Eagle Energy 1260 W. Main Street, Santa Maria

9)     Case No. 23-09-SA -Respondent:  Jon K. McConnel, The Village Service Station, 1476 E. Valley Road, Santa Barbara

10)  Case No. 24-09-SA -Respondent:  Louis. T. Bacca, Lou’s Chevron, 1100 E. Ocean Avenue, Lompoc

11)   Case No. 25-09-SA -Respondent:  Jon Winther, John’s Chevron 3595 Sagunto Street, Santa Ynez

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New Phone Numbers
The District has new direct lines for all staff, as well as for all of our phone lines, including our main phone number and Complaints line. You can find our new phone numbers on this webpage.

Nuevos números de teléfono
El Distrito tiene nuevos números de teléfono para comunicarse con el personal directamente, así como también para todas nuestras líneas telefónicas, incluyendo nuestro número principal y el de las Quejas. Puede encontrar nuestros nuevos números de teléfono en esta página web.