Green Business Program Santa Barbara County

The next cohort of the Green Business Program will kick off with workshops on September 20, 2017 in Santa Maria and September 21, 2017 in Santa Barbara. 

“Businesses that get certified through the Green Business Program save money by lowering costs, increasing productivity, and attracting new customers through free advertising,” stated Frances Gilliland, Program Director. “Our new modular-based program allows enough flexibility for businesses of all sizes to participate, while also providing structure so that the certification can be completed in a timely fashion.”

The District is a partner in the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County, a multi-jurisdictional effort to encourage businesses to implement actions to protect, preserve, and improve the environment above and beyond what is required by law. The program is voluntary and offers assistance and incentives, including an official Green Business certification upon completion of the recommended actions.Since the program’s inception in 2008, the Green Business Program has certified nearly 100 businesses in the Santa Barbara County region. A wide variety of business types have completed the certification process, incuding hotels, restaurants, automotive and office/retail businesses. The Green Business Program is working toward creating certification checklists for even more business types, such as wineries and dental practices.


For more information see the Green Business Program website.