Community Advisory Council Agenda – March 2015

March 25, 2015

I.              6:30 p.m. – Convene  (Agenda);   (Special Meeting Notice)

II.            Roll Call

III.           Public Comment Period – Persons desiring to address the CAC on any subject within the jurisdiction of the CAC not included as part of the agenda may do so at this time.

IV.           Approval of Minutes of the October 29, 2014 meeting

V.            Organization of Agenda and Declaration of Interests

VI.           APCO Report

VII.         New Business

A.    Discuss and consider revisions to the District Environmental Review Guidelines and GHG threshold options as follows:  (see memo, staff reportpresentation and additional information on the Greenhouse Gases and CEQA page)   (* NEW – See 3/17/15 revised staff report as well as an addendum outlining what was changed)

i.     Concurrent with public workshop, receive presentation on the District’s proposed revisions to the Environmental Review Guidelines and GHG threshold options;

ii.    Receive public comment on the proposed revisions to the District’s Environmental Review Guidelines and GHG threshold options;

iii.   Close public workshop;

iv.   Discuss and consider public comments and the GHG significance threshold options presented in the staff report; and

v.    Discuss and consider recommending that the District Board of Directors adopt the proposed revisions to the Environmental Review Guidelines, including a preferred GHG significance threshold option.

VIII.        Adjourn

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