Compliance Policy and Procedures

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 P&P No. P&P NameP&P Document
 3100.1.A Routine Inspection Frequency I.A
 3100-002 Access to the Facility 3100-002
 3100-003 The Unannounced Inspection 3100-003
 3100.1.B.2 When and How to Obtain an Inspection Warrant I.B.2
 3100.1.C Using the Request for Information I.C
 3100-005 General Inspection Procedures 3100-005
 3100.1.D.1 Visible Emissions Evaluation I.D.1
3100-015Review of Field Logs 3100-015
3100-009Inspection Checklists 3100-009
3100-007Inspection Notes 3100-007
3100.1.D.7Surveillance I.D.7
3100.1.D.10Source Test Observations and Enforcement I.D.10
3100-014Resolution of Unaddressed Issues During Field Inspections 3100-014
3100.1.EConduct in the Field I.E
3100.1.FInspection Reports I.F
3100.1.F.1Documentation of Violations I.F.1
3100.1.F.3Confidential Informants I.F.3
3100.1.G.2Complaint Investigations I.G.2
3100.1.G.2.aComplaint Investigations – Agriculture I.G.2.a
3100.1.G.4Offset Source Investigations I.G.4
3100.1.G.5Vapor Recovery Complaints I.G.5
3100.2.AMotor Vehicle Fueling Facilities II.A
3100.2.BInternal Combustion Engines II.B
3100.2.CCogeneration Units II.C
3100.2.DTurbines II.D
3100.2.EFlares II.E
3100.2.GBoilers II.G
3100.2.HCompressors II.H
3100.2.ISurface Coatings II.I
3100.2.I.1Surface Coating – Motor Vehicles & Mobile Equipment II.I.1
3100.2.I.1.aRule 339.B.2 Exemption Requests II.I.1.a
3100-104Appurtenances of Stationary Structures 3100-104
3100.2.I.3Definition of HVLP Spray Equipment II.I.3
3100.2.LDry Cleaners II.L
3100.2.NGas Processing II.N
3100.2.QAsbestos Guidelines II.Q
3100.2.UMarine Vessels II.U
3100.2.V.1Rule 331 Fugitive I&M Enforcement Guidelines II.V.1
3100.2.V.4Offshore Compliance Protocol II.V.4
3100.2.XOpen Burn Investigations II.X
3100.2.YSurface Coating of Wood Products II.Y
3100.3.AWhen to Take Samples III.A
3100.3.BChain of Custody Procedures III.B
3100.3.CSampling Techniques III.C
3100.3.C.1Paint, Fuel, Oil & other VOC Samples III.C.1
3100.3.C.2Asbestos Samples III.C.2
3100.3.C.3Cutback Asphalt III.C.3
3100.3.DTransfer of Samples to Lab III.D
3100.3.HDrager Detector Tubes III.H
3100.4Nuisance IV
3100.5.BManaging the Source Compliance Demonstration Period V.B
3100.5.CProject Manager/Oil & Gas Team Relationship V.C
3100.5.FGranting Extensions to Administrative Deadlines V.F
3100.5.GCurtailment and/or Episode Events V.G
3100.5.HOffset Verification V.H
3100.6.AAgricultural Burning – Agricultural Wastes VI.A
3100.6.A.1Burn Day Determination VI.A.1
3100.6.A.2Burning on a No-Burn Day VI.A.2
3100.6.BAgricultural Burning – Forest Management VI.B
3100.6.CAgricultural Burning – Range Improvement VI.C
3100.6.DAgricultural Burning – Wildlife and Game Habitat Improvement VI.D
3100.6.EAg and Non-Ag Burning – Disease and Pest Prevention VI.E
3100.6.FAgricultural Burning – Water Delivery System Maintenance VI.F
3100.6.GPrescribed Burning VI.G
3100.6.HAg and Non-Ag Burning – Disposal of Russian Thistle VI.H
3100.6.INon-Agricultural – Fire hazard Reduction in High Fire Areas VI.I
3100.6.JNon-Agricultural Burning – Fire Hazard Abatement VI.J
3100.6.KNon-Agricultural Burning – Residential Dry Vegetation Burns VI.K
3100.6.LNon-Agricultural Burning – Right of Way Burning Operations VI.L
3100.6.MNon-Agricultural Burning – Confiscated Marijuana Burning VI.M
3100.6.NNon-Agricultural Burning – Fire Training VI.N&O
3100.6.ONon-Agricultural Burning – Recreational Open Burning VI.N&O
3100.7Enforcement Actions VII
3100.7.AThe Notice of Violation VII.A
3100.7.A.1Administrative Infractions VII.A.1
3100.7.A.2Seven-Day Notice to Correct VII.A.2
3100.7.A.3Enforcement Policy for Sources Operating Without a Permit VII.A.3
3100.7.A.4Ambient Monitoring Violations VII.A.4
3100.7.A.5CEM Enforcement VII.A.5
3100.7.A.6Data Reporting Violations VII.A.6
3100.7.A.7Documentation of Minor Emission Violations VII.A.7
3100.7.BVariances VII.B
3100.7.B.1Requirements for Filing A Variance Petition VII.B.1
3100.7.B.2Public Notice For a Variance Hearing VII.B.2
3100.7.B.3Findings & Increments of Progress For Variance VII.B.3
3100.7.B.4Emergency Variances VII.B.4
3100.7.B.5Interim Variances VII.B.5
3100.7.B.690-Day Variances and Regular Variances VII.B.6
3100.7.B.7Variance Petition and Variance Order Forms VII.B.7
3100.7.DMutual Settlement VII.D
3100.8.EField Recommendation for Permit Condition Revision VIII.E
3100.9.A.1SCDP Tracking IX.A.1
3100.9.DBreakdown Reporting IX.D
3100.9.EInspection Caseload Reports IX.E
3100.12.DAnnual Report Review Procedure XII.D

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