Flex your Power at the Pump

Flex your Power at the Pump is a state initiative supported by many organizations and agencies around the state, including APCD. 

Gasoline and diesel prices in California rose 44% between December 2003 and May 2004.

California’s more than 18 million automobiles consume more than 14 billion gallons of gasoline each year – enough gasoline to fill a line of tanker trucks stretched bumper to bumper from San Francisco to San Diego and back.

Here are three no-cost actions you can take right away to reduce your gas consumption by up to 15 percent!

  • Keep tires properly inflated to the recommended pressure.
  • Use the car’s air conditioner selectively.
  • Observe the posted speed limits. It’s safer and saves gas.

Here are some more no-cost ideas:

  • Accelerate smoothly and brake gradually. It’s safer, uses less gas and reduces brake wear.
  • Properly maintain your vehicle. Replace air and oil filters as recommended.
  • Minimize the amount of time your vehicle idles. For example, consider parking the car instead of using the “drive-up” lanes.

And here are some ideas if you want to do more: