Clean Technologies for Clean Air: The ITG Story

In 1988, the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) started the Innovative Technologies Group (ITG) program. Two oil and gas companies planning projects in the county provided $7 million for voluntary projects to reduce smog precursor air pollution.

Since 1988, more than 100 agencies, manufacturers, support organizations, and users have participated in ITG programs. By leveraging funding, more than $22 million in projects have been funded. The program has reduced more than 1500 tons of smog precursor emissions.

ITG has crafted an effective program by:

  • Building creative funding partnerships
  • Matching technologies and end users
  • Managing for success

 ITG Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce air pollution in Santa Barbara County by implementing voluntary projects that: 

  • Promote clean air solutions using proven technologies 
  • Support cost-effective emission reductions through public/private partnerships
  • Foster local business opportunities while providing long-term air quality benefits.

Tom“Most projects with extensive clean air benefits are mandated by government; projects with extensive business benefits are implemented by businesses. We look for projects that have some business benefits and some clean air benefits. We bridge the gap by adding the incentive that makes these projects happen.”

–Tom Murphy,
APCD Planning and Technology Supervisor 
(now Technology and Environmental Assessment Division Manager)


Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District’s ITG program has won three distinctive awards:

Presidential Award for Sustainable Development (1996)
US Environmental Protection Earth Day Award (1999)
California Governor’s Award for Economic and Environmental Leadership (1996)

“The President’s Council on Sustainable Development selected the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District in Santa Barbara, California, from scores of environmental programs nationwide as one of 15 that reflects sustainability thinking… The Santa Barbara County Clean Fuels and Energy Program [also known as ITG] has successfully developed alternatives to the traditional regulatory approach to air pollution reduction. It works to achieve state and federal clean air standards for ozone, working cooperatively with businesses to help them achieve compliance, retraining local businesses, and jump-starting the availability of certain technologies.”

–President’s Council on Sustainable Development
Awards Announcement, March 7, 1996

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