ITG-Sponsored Projects

Greener Cars Incentive

See Greener Cars Incentive Program.

Compressed Natural Gas

Clean Air Express – Nine MCI-9 buses (Greyhound type) carry more than 325 commuters daily from neighboring cities to work in Goleta/Santa Barbara; four buses powered by Caterpillar dual-fuel engines (CNG and diesel), five by diesel engines. Plans include converting the diesel units to duel fuel or CNG.

Light Duty Vehicles- Retrofitted 26 automobiles to operate on CNG for City of Santa Maria and County of Santa Barbara.

Refueling Stations – Constructed CNG refueling stations in cities of Santa Maria, Lompoc, and Santa Barbara.

School Buses – Retrofitted two school buses with Navistar CNG engines; equipped 15 new school buses with John Deere CNG engines for Lompoc Unified School District.

Solid Waste Transfer Trucks – Retrofitted 2 large (Class 9) trucks owned by County of Santa Barbara with Cummins diesel engines to operate on CNG.

Fuel Cell Projects – Replaced diesel-powered generators at UC Santa Barbara, County Jail, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, with natural gas-powered fuel cells.

Cleaner Burning Diesel

Agriculture Water Pumps – Funded cash incentives to farmers to replace older diesel-powered water pumps with low-NOx engines.

Construction Equipment – Repowered Case 580C backhoe with turbocharged, charge-air-cooled Cummins diesel engine (20% reduction in NOx). Developed and retrofitted Caterpillar 3306B DITA-powered scraper with low-NOx technologies (injection timing retard, high pressure injectors, optimized fuel-air ratio controller (for a 40% reduction in NOx).

Marine Repower Programs – Repowered Sea Landing’s 6 large passenger carrying fishing and diving boats with low-NOx electronically controlled Detroit Diesel or Cummins main engines (60% reduction in NOx). Replaced main and/or auxiliary generator engines in 21 commercial trawlers with low-NOx engines. Repowered one crew (Ace High), supply (Sea Tide) and whale-watching (Condor) boat with electronically-controlled Detroit Diesel engines (60% reduction in NOx).

Solid Waste Transfer Trucks – Developed low-NOx technologies for new 1991 Cummins engine (enhanced intake air cooling, reprogrammed engine computer; 20% reduction in NOx).

Natural Gas

Agriculture Boiler Initiative – Replaced burners in large boilers heating commercial greenhouses with low-NOx burners. Five boilers retrofitted to date; an additional 20 to 40 boilers to be retrofitted.

Allison Low-NOx Turbine – Will develop and demonstrate low-NOx turbine (approx. 3.5 MW) combustor to achieve 9 ppm NOx or less with no after-combustion controls.

Boiler Initiative – Funded incentives to boiler owners subject to APCD Rule 342 (Control of NOx from Boilers) to purchase emissions controls that achieve one-half (or less) of emission limit required by Rule (30 ppmv).


Transit Buses – Purpose-built one 40′ bus with Ni-Cd batteries, and retro-fitted one existing bus with electric motors. Both fitted with low-NOx CNG generators with less than 1 gram NOx/bhp.

Troop Shuttles – Retrofitted three military troop shuttles with electric-drive motors powered by batteries and low-NOx CNG generator. Generator emissions less than 1 gram NOx/bhp.


Old Vehicle Buy Back – Purchased and scrapped approximately 1,200 pre- ’81 automobiles.

Pollution Prevention Initiative – Brought together pollution prevention experts and interested businesses to develop case-by-case ways to reduce solvent emissions from a variety of processes. Converted ROC solvent-based degreaser to aqueous-based systems at two facilities; identified and demonstrated water-based degreasing units at auto repair facilities.

Wind/Solar Generator Santa Rosa Island – Replaced diesel-powered electrical generators at Channel Islands National Park with wind and solar powered generators.