Notice of Public Hearing


Public Notice (pdf)

Notice is hereby given that the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) Hearing Board will hold a public hearing to consider the following matters on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at 9:30 a.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, at the Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, located at 511 East Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria, California, 93454.  Alternatively, the public hearing will be available via zoom for public participation.


PC, Laptop or Phone:
Password:  618677
Telephone: US: +1 (408) 638-0968 or +1 (669) 900-6833

Webinar ID: 844 9980 8533

Case No. 2021-12-M3 –                                                     Mustang Renewable Power Ventures, LLC
(Modification of Final Compliance Date and                       17 Corporate Plaza Drive, Suite 200
Modification of Increments of Progress)                              Newport Beach, CA 92660

HearingTo consider a Petition for Modification of Regular Variance from District Rule 206, Authority to Construct 14500-05, Conditions, 9.C.2.b.iii, 9.C.4.a.i, 9.C.4.a.ii, 9.C.4.a.iii, 9.C.4.a.v,, 9.C.4.a.viii, 9.C.4.a.x, 9.C.4.a.xi, 9.C.4.b.i, 9.C.4.b.ii, 9.C.4.b.iii, 9.C.4.c.i, 9.C.4.c.ii, 9.C.4.c.iii, 9.C.5.b.i, 9.C.5.b.ii, 9.C.5.b.iii, 9.C.5.b.v,, 9.C.5.b.viii, 9.C.5.b.xi, 9.C.5.b.xii, 9.C.5.b.xv, 9.C.5.c.i, 9.C.5.c.ii, 9.C.5.c.iv, 9.C.5.c.v,, 9.C.5.c.vii, 9.C.5.c.viii, 9.C.5.c.ix, 9.C.5.d.i, 9.C.5.d.ii, 9.C.5.d.v,, 9.C.5.d.vii, 9.C.5.d.viii, 9.C.5.d.ix, 9.C.6.a.i, 9.C.6.a.ii, 9.C.6.a.iii, 9.C.6.a.iv, 9.C.6.b.i, 9.C.6.b.ii, 9.C.6.b.iii, 9.C.6.c.i, 9.C.6.c.ii, 9.C.6.c.iii, 9.C.18 (tipping area and materials sorting area biofilters only), 9.C.19.b.i, 9.c.19.b.ii, 9.c.19.b.iii, 9.c.19.b.iv, 9.c.19.b.v,, 9.C.33.a, and 9.C.33.f, submitted on September 6, 2023, for continued operations of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) without the following equipment that was damaged by the 2021 Alisal Fire: MRF baghouses, MRF scrubbers, and MRF biofilters.

The Petitioner is currently operating under Regular Variance Order 2021-12-M1, which provides relief through October 14, 2023, or the date compliance is achieved, whichever occurs first. Per Health and Safety Code §42357, the Petitioner is requesting a Modification of Increments of Progress and Modification of Final Compliance Date for Variance Order 2021-12-M1 to extend coverage through June 15, 2024, or the date compliance is achieved, whichever occurs first. If granted, the Variance would provide continued relief from emission controls, maintenance, monitoring and source testing requirements for MRF equipment damaged during the 2021 Alisal Fire.

The Petitioner operates the equipment described in the Petition at the Santa Barbara County Tajiguas Landfill located at 14470 Calle Real in Goleta, California.

Case No. 2023-03-A(Abatement Order)        Central Coast Agriculture
85 W. Highway 246, #233
Buellton, CA 93427

HearingTo consider a Petition by the Air Pollution Control Officer (APCO) of the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District submitted on September 5, 2023, for issuance of an Order of Abatement pursuant to Health and Safety Code §42450. Central Coast Agriculture, Inc., Central Coast Agriculture, LLC, Central Coast Ag Distribution, LLC, Central Coast Ag Farming, LLC, and Central Coast Ag Products, LLC (collectively “CCA”) operates cannabis product manufacturing, volatile extraction, storage and distribution facilities and is currently operating without the required best available control technology to control emissions, or the required District Permits, in violation of District Rule 201.  The CCA facilities subject to this Petition are located at 1201 W. Chestnut Avenue and 1200 West Laurel Avenue in Lompoc, CA,

The Petitioner requests an Order of Abatement from the Hearing Board that CCA be enjoined from building, erecting, altering, replacing, operating or using any cannabis processing, manufacturing, or extraction (both solvent and solventless) equipment or performing related activities subject to District permits, and storing or purchasing any solvents at or for the facilities unless and until the required District permits are approved and issued and the required control equipment is installed and operational.

Said Petitions are on file with the Clerk of the APCD Hearing Board and available for public inspection. Interested persons may submit written evidence, arguments concerning this matter, or make arrangements to view said Petitions before the hearing by contacting the Hearing Board Clerk at: [email protected], or 260 North San Antonio Rd., Suite A, Santa Barbara, California 93110.