Robot Lands at Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum

Play one of R2P2’s games here.

Cindy Ransick (left, above), Executive Director of the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum, and Terri Paniagua welcome APCD’s interactive kiosk R2P2 (Robot Resource for Pollution Prevention) to the Museum.

R2P2, APCD’s interactive kiosk, is on permanent display at the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum. R2P2 features games and videos designed to teach about air pollution and the health impacts, and what we can do to keep our air clean. The kiosk is made of recycled equipment that can cause air pollution. His body was designed and built by local artist Daniel Girard.

R2P2’s face is the touch screen that runs his internal computer. Choices include: information on health effects of air pollution with video showing how air pollution affects lungs and hearts; games in which kids figure out how to save a fictional planet (Planet Polluto) from the effects of air pollution; and other games and features that illustrate where air pollution comes from, and what people can do to help keep our air clean.

In the past, in addition to spending time at the Discovery Museum, R2P2 has been displayed at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History,  the Borders Bookstore in downtown Santa Barbara, and at the County Building in Santa Barbara. To visit R2P2, see information on the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum here:, or call 928-8414.

R2P2 says: “Help Keep Our Air Clean!”

  • I’m made of recycled equipment that can cause air pollution.
  • My Cap is the top of a charcoal grill (try a gas grill instead)!
  • My Eyes are aerosol cans (try using the same product in a different form).
  • My Torso is an old gas tank (drive less, carpool more)!
  • My Arms are older gas pump nozzles (today’s nozzles have new vapor recovery systems that reduce air pollution – don’t top off your tank, and keep these systems working)!
  • My Base is a gas lawn mower (try a mower powered by electricity – or one powered just by you)!
  • My Body is coated with powdered paint – much better for the air than spray paint!

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