TABLE 8. PARTICULATE SUMMARY REPORT FOR 2007Particulate: PM10     Units: ug/m3

State 24 Hour Standard: 50 ug/m3  Federal 24 Hour Standard: 150 ug/m3California Annual Arithmetic Mean Standard: 20ug/m3Federal Annual Arithmetic Mean Standard:  *


STATION Annual Arithmetic Mean 24-Hour High Date 24-Hour 2nd High Date
SANTA BARBARA** 34 400*** 20-Oct-07 286*** 21-Oct-07
LAS FLORES CANYON 1 21 325*** 21-Oct-07 51 16-Aug-07
EL CAPITAN 24 234*** 21-Oct-07 72 3-Sep-07
VAFB SOUTH BASE 19 70*** 21-Oct-07 39 12-Apr-07
SANTA MARIA 25 60 12-Apr-07 55 18-Apr-07
LOMPOC H STREET 20 40 12-Apr-07 39*** 21-Oct-07


Particulate sampling is on a 1 in 6 day schedule for a 24 hour run period.* The Fed. Annual Arithmetic Mean Standard: 50 ug/m3 for 24 hours was revoked by the EPA in Sept 06** The Santa Barbara monitoring station data were collected with a PM10 BAMS continuous monitor. *** Ash Event from the 2007 Zaca Fire

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