Radiation and our Health

Although the District has no official role in this area, we are coordinating with the agencies that are taking the lead to share information and resources. This web page provides links to sources of additional information on the issue.

Para información en español oprima 916-341-3947.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Radiation Information for the General Public

Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management Facebook Page:  Updates and resources for local issues should any arise.

California Department of Public Health: The central information line for questions about radiation and exposure in California is 916-341-3947.

California Office of Emergency Services: For updated information if it is needed.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: For information on nuclear regulation and protection in the U.S.

Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: For information on protective measures.

California Air Response Planning Alliance (CARPA):  A website maintained by the California Air Resources Board. CARPA is a network of local, state, and federal air and public health agencies and resources.

Other air districts: