The South Cuyama Unit consists of oil and gas wells, tank farms, and support equipment located near the city of Cuyama.  Internal combustion engines are used to power pumps and other oilfield equipment.  Produced natural gas is sent to Gas Plant 10, where it is dried, treated to remove hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen, compressed, then sold or used as fuel on-site.  Oil is stored on-site, then sold and shipped off-site by pipeline.

Operating Permits

All the Part 70 Operating Permits below are due for renewal 6/3/2020.

South Cuyama Unit Title V Operating Permit

Internal Combustion Engines Title V Operating Permit

Gas Plant 10 Title V Operating Permit

Draft Permits

There are no current draft permits for the South Cuyama stationary source.

Public Notices

There are no current public notices for the South Cuyama stationary source.