Registration of Agricultural Diesel Engines

Read below to register farm engines now.

In response to the State mandated requirement to regulate diesel agricultural engines, the APCD Board adopted Rule 1201 (Registration of Agricultural Diesel Engines) on August 16, 2007.  See this page to view Rule 1201.  On October 18, 2007 the APCD Board adopted Rule 213 (Fees for Registration Programs) which specifies the fees for registering these engines.  See this page to view Rule 213.

Federal Mandated Requirements

Owners and operators of stationary diesel engines that were ordered from the manufacturer before June 12, 2006 must meet requirements established by the USEPA.  For engines rated 300 hp or less, these requirements consist of conducting regular inspection and maintenance.  For engines rated over 300 hp, the specific requirements depend on how you use your engine and whether you plan to replace it to comply with the State ATCM.

If you have an engine rated over 300 hp, contact us at the email address listed below to determine the specific requirements for your engine.

State Mandated Requirements  Owners/Operators of new and existing agricultural (AG) diesel engines rated at 50 bhp or greater are required to register their engines with the District.   These engines (e.g., booster pumps, well pumps) are subject to the California Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Stationary Diesel Engines (ATCM).  See this page to view the ATCM.  A small number of engines will be subject to the ARB adopted ATCM for Portable Diesel Engines (PEATCM).  These engines include all rental engines and portable engines such as welders and air compressors.  See this page to view the PEATCM.

Summary of Requirements This flow chart and notes will assist you in determining what is required.  This older fact sheet from the ARB provides additional background information and can be viewed here.  The following is required:

  • A registration for each In-use engine (existing prior to 2005) by March 1, 2008
  • Filing for a registration by November 14, 2007 for new engines installed between January 1, 2005 and August 16, 2007.
  • Filing for a registration for each new AG diesel engine after August 16, 2007 within 90 days after installation.
  • New AG engines will have to meet current standards upon installation.
  • In-use (existing) engines will have to meet emission standards starting in 2010 depending on the age and power rating of the engine.
  • Remotely located engines (as defined in the ATCM) are not subject to emission standards, but still must be registered.
  • Special provisions apply to engines located near sensitive receptors.
  • Funding is available for engine electrification or re-powering through State sponsored programs

Please use the following forms for the AG registration process:

  • Updated Registration Application Form AG-1, download from this page. Use one form for each engine being registered.
  • Instructions Form AG-2 (PDF).  Provides instructions for the use of Form AG-1.
  • Credit Card Payment Form -01C
  • Change Notification Form AG-3 (PDF).  See the AG engine location change policy here.

Incentive Funding
The APCD also has incentive funding available to replace In-Use AG engines subject to the Carl Moyer Program guidelines. For information about incentive funding to reduce air pollution from in-use agricultural engines, contact us via email at [email protected]. See our incentive funding webpage here.

Additional Resources
Additional resources include:

Contact Us for Assistance For more information or assistance, email us at [email protected].

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