Burn Day

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Burn Day Status

  • Burn Day Status is shown on the Santa Barbara County Fire Department Burn Day Status Map webpage
  • Also recorded on the Santa Barbara County Fire Department burn day status phone line: (805) 686-8177
  • The burn status is split into 4 burn zones for Santa Barbara County (see California Air Resources Board (CARB) Burn Zone Map), with a separate designation for each zone:
    1. Greater than 3,000 feet
    2. North Section Coastal less than 3,000 feet
    3. North Section Inland less than 3,000 feet
    4. South Section less than 3,000 feet
  • A “No Burn Day” means burning is prohibited
  • A “Permissive Burn Day” means burning is not prohibited
  • The burn day designation is forecasted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and shown on their Burn Day Forecast webpage
    • If a burn zone is designated “Marginal,” “Unfavorable,” or “No Burn” in the forecast, it will be designated a “No Burn Day” for the burn zone
    • The APCD may declare any “Permissive Burn Day” designated by CARB to be a “No Burn Day” if necessary to maintain suitable air quality
  • The designation of a burn day applies only to holders of current burn permits. It does not grant permission for any unpermitted burn activity.
  • Burning is never allowed on Sundays or holidays
  • See Burn Day definition in APCD Rule 102