Managing for Success

ITG’s successful project management produces many benefits over and above emission reductions.

Benefits to project partners and funders are as follows:

  • Real-world demonstration of a technology’s utility and efficiency promotes public acceptance
  • data collected on fuel use, performance, and emission reductions supports wider application of the technology.

Benefits to end users include the following:

  • Cost savings from reduced fuel use and maintenance
  • Improved equipment performance and reliability
  • Improved work environment
  • Positive publicity and media exposure.

Reducing Boat Engine Emissions

Santa Barbara County has a sizeable marine industry. Emissions from marine vessels are highest during the April to October peak smog season. ITG worked with manufacturers, including Detroit Diesel and Cummins Marine, to develop clean-diesel technology for boat applications, and identified promising candidates for retrofits.

Since 1993, ITG has sponsored installation of new low-emission main engines in more than thirty boats. Boats range from small fishing trawlers to larger whale-watching boats and supply boats serving offshore oil and gas platforms. ITG and boat owners shared new engine and installation costs; manufacturers contributed engine development costs and repower oversight.

During the program to replace main engines, ITG found that many fisherman used their main engines at inefficient idling ranges to power lighting, fish-finding and other auxiliary systems. ITG expanded the program to fund the installation of small low-emission auxiliary engines for onboard power generation. 

Marine repower programs have reduced individual boat emissions by up to 70 percent, with overall NOx reductions of 450 tons. These reductions are supported by independent tests of boat engines in operation.

?The new engines are a pleasure to operate. My regular customers appreciate the environmentally friendly, quieter engines; for me as captain, the electronic controls make the boat more responsive, plus I?ve experienced both a 10 percent fuel savings and a 10 percent higher cruising speed…?

–Fred Benko
Captain of the Condor

?The Condor and Ace High will help us demonstrate this engine?s ability to provide cleaner exhaust for marine applications.?

–Detroit Diesel Senior Vice President, Engineering, 
in the September 20, 1993 press announcement on the boat repower projects


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